Donna Darkwolf's Rygel the Christmas Snail

Picking Up Snails - The Inter-Relatedness of Star Rigel, Constellation Orion and The Snail

"Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me" by Mel Carter. The Donna Darkwolf's Christmas gift to me, before she journeyed on... Rygel, a sternly surprised Snail.
The song is one of the Donna Darkwolf's favorites from her fathers CD collection. We waltz to it, often, while we make dinner.

In the accompanying Birthday card, she wrote:
"He reminds me of Rygel: "I'M A DOMINAR!  I don't need to talk to YOU! " "
Said in a loud, snobbish upper-class British accent!
(Rygel was an alien in the series "FARSCAPE". A Nasty conniving piece of work. LOL. Note the similarity of their expressions.)

Coincidence and Synchronicity
The star "Rigel". Designated β Orionis, a blue supergiant star in the constellation of Orion, is approximately 860 light-years from Earth.

This e-mail was written 22 June 2017, the same date  that her bank statement indicates a large purchase at a gift shop.
Large enough to account for four gifts and four greeting cards.

This is 2 weeks before her departure into the Undiscovered Country.

Based on the content of the letter, and the greeting/message in one of the cards I can assume that wrapping this Snail prompted her to write this e-mail.

Rygel from Farscape

from:  Donna
to:  Franco,
moreno franco
date:  Jun 22, 2017, 9:16 PM
subject:  all those snails

I am reminded of you picking up snails off the patio and putting them into the garden so their fragile shells dont get tramped upon
so tender you are
with the eyes of a priest and the hands of a killer
to paraphrase Sting's Moon over Bourbon Street
and that got me to remembering other things

the way you prepare dinner as if you are conducting an orchestra
and the way you serve dinner as if you are creating a painting
the way you look after The Wolf as if he is your pet dog - like you look after Gremorie and Borg

the way you drive Wolf as if he is an extension of your body and mind
Wolf is your jacket

the way you pay attention to the garden
the way you clean and polish and oil your gun the way you shop for groceries and pack away afterwards
and all the things you do with such care and attention

without a care in the world, joking and laughing,
except standing in a queue at McDonalds for me when I dont want to go out)))

and I had to imagine
if this man, this beautiful soldier of mine, does all these things?
perhaps he does not do it just for himself, or even for me - your shiny wife
he does it because he loves to do for us
and if this Soldier of mine can do all these things the way he does them
then his love for me must be as tender, thoughtful, careful, creative, care-taking
and as GRACIOUS.

caring for my fragile shell
no man has ever loved me as much as you my franco.
only my parents could have loved me more


LOL just makes me laugh so much
as you sometimes joked about your making love to me:
"my love, time to take care of the garden at the gate of heaven"
while you kissed my serpent tattoo on my ankle
no man has ever kissed my tattoo in public - except you
so outrageously funny

that said, I want the Wolf at my door, and you to take me to lunch.
i cannot remember if you told me you love me, today
so you can tell when you see me.

HA HA. I just turned your "Have I told you that I love you today?" around

Fetch The Wolf to my door, and dance us out to A Lunch?
MINION of mine!

anywhere - i dont care - just so long as I can look at you and hold you
Your Shiny Bella Donna Strega

ps: If any one asks... Tell Them - I Was Doing My Job!

Significance of The Snail

"A Strange Story of a Snail"

This is the envelope - click to read Donna's very last written note.

This is written 2 weeks after purchasing and wrapping the Snail, and writing the card and the e-mail

Final Message...

On the back of the the note

Birthday Snail Rygel - 01-01-2018

One of 4 gifts she left me. This was for Christmas. Donna bought this Snail a 2 weeks before her departure... And by coinidence, a snail was the last living creature she had contact with in her apartment, on this Planet - the night she marched into The Undiscovered Country... "Roma Victoria!" - which coincides with the Four of Hearts card I was to find a year later on the anniversary of her Cremation.


The Orion Constellation showing the star Rigel - Designated β Orionis, and Orion's Belt

The Three Warrior Sisters of Orion's Belt

A sign-post pointing to the star, Sirius. The "Dog Star".
My shiny wife, Darkwolf,  is after all, a type of dog.
The most clever and predatory dog on the planet.
And the Darkwolf will go to be with companions. Her dogs: Gremorie and Borg.
And to join Anubis. The Dog Guarding the Gates of Paradise.
Her Sisters; Alnitak, Alnilam and Mitaka will be her guides.

The Girl with Orion's Belt

A shirt that Donna's mother designed and made.
When I first saw it, I said to Donna: "That's the Belt of Orion!"

That's when she told me that her "Three Warrior Sisters" represented Orion's Belt. But she had never associated the three main stars of her shirt with the constellation: "Stars, Like Dust, Surround Me."