“Sunday Drive” by Trio Leo

WOLF and Us at the Lord Milner Hotel. Matjiesfontein

Mission: The Alert Pilot
She drove WOLF as if she was driving into battle. Her jaw clenched, but her hands relaxed on the wheel.
Her body was relaxed, but the clutch and gear changes were snappy. She never said a word. Never took her eyes off the road.
We were hitting 160, 170 and she was as cold as iced marble.
We finally turned off the highway and did a leisurely coast down into the tiny hamlet of Matjiesfontein.
Rolling to a slow stop in front of the sedate and inposing Lord Milner Hotel.

"How was THAT!?" was the first thing she said. Exhilirated.
The Journey of a Hero. My Hero.

Donna loved the peace and tranquility of the gardens and the River at the Lord Milner. She wanted to be out here for the 2016 Winter Solstice.

She drove WOLF like the wind... and we were here for lunch. It was the last time she drove WOLF.
Her driving skills were failing and she did not want to damage her "Precious Wolf" .

"You Already Know - So I Don't Mind Telling You"

"I know I might be mad. But you make me crazy. No man in my life - and there have only been a few, has made me crazy.
Always doing things. For me. I was always dealing with my own impending doom and end of life choices. So selfish I am
and here comes a soldier. A man who makes me laugh. No one could imagine a hard and disciplined man such as you
could also be such a comedian - my very own MINION! Also my very own disapproving teacher of things!
Listening to you is like looking into a mirror. I know what I would say and you say it. Uncanny.

Donna Darkwolf, Drifting in Contemplation

My Shiny Wife: Who can know. "The Only thing We ever found, that made the Emptiness bearable,
Was Each Other."
"A Witch and a Soldier - One hell of a Team!" And she would laugh>>>