Donna Darkwolf on our Wedding Day

“Our Wedding Day" by Ronan Hardiman, from Donna's music collection - that she so enjoyed
Above: Donna Darkwolf on our Wedding Day. A hypnotizing vision of elegance and Grace.
Donna shared the track with me off YouTube, a short while before her mission: "let's get married again :D".
Such is my shiny wife.

In Her Heart She is in Egypt - Pagan Arch Priestess Donna Darkwolf, My Nefertiti

Women are more spiritually attuned to the Universe, and sensitive than men.
And, a Witch is VASTLY more spiritually attuned, and sensitive than any ordinary woman.

Live with that. For surely, if you do not - you will not discover magick!

Bust of Queen Nefertiti

Meeting the Pagan Arch Priestess Donna Darkwolf for the first time is an experience. One comes into a Presence. Words failed me. . .
Sublime grace, coupled with intense scrutiny. Like an alert tiger.
When she travelled in Egypt, people on the pavements would call out "Nefertiti! Nefertiti!" Who was the Queen of ancient Egypt.
"The Beautiful One has Come!". because of her robes, her penetrating blue eyes, her regal posture. And her patrician NOSE!
People followed her through the streets of Cairo, and some tried to touch her hand.
Donna flowed through it all.
Like a mermaid in water.

Ai ai ai ai ai...
Ai Mi Amor
Ai Mi Morena
De Mi Corazón
Ai - the Dark-haired girl of my Heart
La Bella María de mi Amor - You live with someone, you never imagine a day without them. Cherish these short hours. They arrive sooner than you CAN expect.

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Donna Darkwolf on our Wedding Night

My Dreamy-Eyed Girl

The Beautiful Wife of my Life. Our wedding night.

Donna posing with a Calla Lily

Donna Sophia - 1st Anniversary

Donna Darkwolf as The Red Witch

Strega Rosa - The Red Witch

Donna Darkwolf as a film star

Film Star

Donna Darkwolf in black leather

Full-Leather Faery-Tale?

Ahh! Woman in black leather. What more to want?

How a Sorceress lays out a dinner table

Dining at Home With Donna

Graceful dining by candle light with my Bella Strega. Even dining was a ritual to be done with love.

Donna Darkwolf's The all-knowing smile of a witch

That Enigmatic Darkwolf Smile

Not the Smile of Happiness - but the inward Smile of Secret Knowing. The contented Smile of of Deep Wisdom. A fathomless smile.
Donna smiles not at YOU, but through you - into your being-ness, when she notices that you have become aware of something.

Donna Darkwolf escaping from a medical clinic

Donna Making Her Escape

I was snapping these photos of her as she marched so resolutely out of Durbanville Medi-Clinic.

Donna Darkwolf my fantasy

Almost Donna - I Painted Her

I dreamed her all my life. She is in many of my Fantasy and Sci-Fi paintings, playing many characters.
Then, after 40 years, I found her and married her.

My Immortal Donna leaves a trail of stars across the parking lot.

She Comes in Colors Everywhere

She combs her hair / She's like a Rainbow. My Immortal Donna leaves a trail of stars across the parking lot, as we head for hr Sunday birthday breakfast.

Donna Darkwolf takes me to lunch

At Lunch with My Blue-Eyed Girl

This is What You Came For -
"Everybody's Watching Her . . .
But She's Looking at Me", as the song goes.

A Pagan Priestesses Wardrobe

The Darkwolf dressed for our honeymoon dinner at the Lord Milner Hotel Chapel.

Donna Darkwolf dressed in Green Lace.

Mia Donna - Lady of The House

A "painterly" version of The Moment

Donna Darkwolf driving her Mercedes A 170

Donna Waltzing with Her WOLF

Her face as serene as cold, sculpted marble, hands relaxed and sure, as WOLF races his chromatic beastly way - through the blurred country-side.

Donna's black Pearl wedding ring

Wrapped Around Your Finger

"You consider me the young apprentice
Caught between the Scylla and Charibdes
Hypnotized by you if I should linger
Staring at the ring around your finger"

Portrait of The Donna Darkwolf

Portrait of "The Darkwolf"

A striking portrait of the beguiling Donna Darkwolf, painted by one of her students as a gift.

Donna Darkwolf as a Jester

Donna Hosting a New Year Party

My wife, The Jester. Donna had some incredibly fancy head-gear in her collection of decorative clothing for any occasion.

Donna Darkwolf's red Christmas dress

My Best Christmas Witch

Donna dressed for Christmas lunch at Babylonstoren Wine Estate. She is ALL I wished for.
And she is all I GOT for Christmas. She is Perfect.

Donna Darkwolf working in her faerie garden

Donna in Her Faerie Garden

Donna on a Sunday - working in her faerie garden.

Donna at her desk at her Academy of Magick

Principal of Academy of Magick

Donna at a quiet moment in her office.

Donna and The Wolf Paint It Black at Constantia Wine Estate.

Donna & The Wolf Paint It Black

I see a red door / And I want it painted black
I see a line of cars / And they're all painted black
If I look hard enough / Into the setting sun
My love will laugh with me / Before morning comes

Donna Darkwolf's red Christmas dress

Cold Day in Cape Town

The WOLF and I. By Donna.
At the Cape Town Container Berth. 26 June 2016.
Lunch with Donna Darkwolf

Brunch at the Sea with Donna

The resturant was not serving on the balcony this day.
So I got this perfect shot of My Shiny Wife. With her driving glasses on.

Donna Darkwolf Witch Incognito

5th Anniversary Mystery - 2012

Witch Incognito. I get to take a pretty witch to dinner.

Donna Darkwolf at The Brass Bell. Kalk Bay. Cape Town

6th Anniversary Brass Bell - 2013

Donna Darkwolf at The Brass Bell. The First time she told me the story about The Foam on the Sea.
Kalk Bay. Cape Town

Donna Darkwolf posing amongst camelias

7th Anniversary - Winelands 2014

Donna Darkwolf amongst the pink Carnelias

A Mermaid joke

Donna's Mermaid Joke...

A private joke. Over a lunch, Donna had mused: "After I am gone - there are other fish in the sea".
I responded: "Damn you, Donna. You ARE my Sea". Which led to a clink of glasses and much laughter.

There Is Always a Little Chocolate Surprise for Me

Choclate Love

For Some Reason

Choclate Love

For No Reason

Choclate Love

For Any Reason

Choclate Love

Beyond Reason

On Honeymoon with Donna Darkwolf at Lord Milner Hotel by the River of Time. Matjiesfontein

Donna Darkwolf at the Winter Solstice

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