Donna Darkwolf on our Wedding Day

“Our Wedding Day" by Ronan Hardiman (Donna shared the track with me off YouTube, a short while before her mission: "let's get married again :D".
Such is my shiny wife). Above: Donna Darkwolf on our Wedding Day

In Her Heart She is in Egypt - Arch Priestess Donna Darkwolf, My Nefertiti

Women are more spiritually attuned to the Universe, and sensitive than men.
And, a Witch is VASTLY more spiritually attuned, and sensitive than any ordinary woman.

Live with that. For surely, if you do not - you will not discover magick!

Meeting Donna Darkwolf for the first time is an experience. One comes into a Presence. Words failed me...
Sublime grace, coupled with intense scrutiny. Like an alert tiger.
When she travelled in Egypt, people on the pavements would call out "Nefertiti! Nefertiti!" Who was the Queen of ancient Egypt.
"The Beautiful One has Come!". because of her robes, her penetrating blue eyes, her regal posture. And her patrician NOSE!
People followed her through the streets of Cairo, and some tried to touch her hand.
Donna flowed through it all.
Like a mermaid in water.

Ai ai ai ai ai...
Ai Mi Amor
Ai Mi Morena
De Mi Corazón
Ai - the Dark-haired girl of my Heart
La Bella María de mi Amor - You live with someone, you never imagine a day without them. Cherish these short hours. They arrive sooner than you CAN expect.

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"White Witch"

South Africa's first Pagan Arch Priestess

Donna Sophia - 1st Anniversary

My Dreamy-Eyed Girl

The Beautiful Wife of my Life.

Film Star

"Let Me Tell YOU Something"

Like a Lone Wolf...
Because wolves are independent.
They may work together - but you can never tell when one of them might  go solo... one just might. 
Watch me!

Dining at Home With Donna

Graceful dining by candle light with my Bella Strega. Even dining was a ritual to be done with love.

Donna Darkwolf @ TV Interview

The Donna Darkwolf on M-Net's Carte Blanche. The first Pagan Arch-Priestess. on live TV in South Africa.

Donna Making Her Escape

I was snapping these photos of her as she marched so resolutely out of Durbanville Medi-Clinic.

The Red Witch

Arch-Priestess of the Circle of the African Moon

Hi-Res Image for Free Media Usage

Donna Darkwolf @ Stonehenge...

Donna Kali in Cosmopolitan Mag

Donna Darkwolf's making a Love Invocation

My Beautiful Serpent at The Gate

The serpent, or snake, is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols. In some cultures, snakes are fertility symbols. In other cultures, snakes symbolize the umbilical cord, joining all humans to Mother Earth, or were worshiped as guardians of her mysteries of birth and regeneration.

Phases of the Moon

Elected as the first President of the Pagan Federation of South Africa from 1996 to 2001, Donna founded Circle of the African Moon (CAM) in 2001. CAM was created to form a network dedicated to educating the public on Paganism so as to dispell misinformation and misconceptions about Paganism through media interaction and inter-faith dialogue and activities.

The Girl Who Plays My Heart

"Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin - Dance me to the end of love". From one of Donna's favorite songs by Leonard Cohen.

Wrapped Around Your Finger

"You consider me the young apprentice
Caught between the Scylla and Charibdes
Hypnotized by you if I should linger
Staring at the ring around your finger"

Donna Hosting a New Year Party

Donna had some incredibly fancy head-gear in her collection of decorative clothing for any occasion.

At Lunch with My Blue-Eyed Girl

This is What You Came For -
"Everybody's Watching Her...
But She's Looking at Me", as the song goes.

Almost Donna - I Painted Her

I dreamed her all my life. She is in many of my Fantasy and Sci-Fi paintings, playing many characters.
Then, after 40 years, I found her and married her.

Donna as The Silver Witch

Donna hired this outfit for a fancy-dress birthday party we were attending, and blew every one away.

The Darkwolf at Age Four

I could not resist having some humour.
Look at the expression on Donna's face. She's not looking AT you. She's WATCHING you. Calculating.
I have seen this very expression countless times.
Donna's MIND, working. Measuring. Weighing.

A Beauty Amongst Her Roses

Donna loved her one secluded enclave in our huge garden. "Like a little secret grove", she told me.
My pretty Witch enjoyed Sunday breakfast here.

My Best Christmas Witch

Donna dressed for Christmas lunch at Babylonstoren Wine Estate. She is ALL I wished for.
And she is all I GOT for Christmas. She is Perfect.

Donna Waltzing with Her WOLF

Her face as serene as cold, sculpted marble, hands relaxed and sure, as WOLF races licke a chromatic beast - through the blurred country-side.

The Witch and The Soldier

Donna would often refer to "our Eternal Romance" as one between a Witch and a Soldier

There Is Always a Little Chocolate Surprise for Me

For Some Reason

For No Reason

For Any Reason

Beyond Reason

On Honeymoon with Donna Darkwolf at Lord Milner Hotel by the River of Time. Matjiesfontein

  Donna Darkwolf in TV Interview

   Donna being interviewed by M-Net, while she sits regally in her high wing-back chair.
  Finally... There ARE No Words. Just: Serenity
  Not a day goes by, that I don't think of her. She is my guiding Light. The Fire that burns inside my Heart. Mia Donna Ragazza. My Beautiful Girl.

Donna Darkwolf's Thousand Year Stare. When you see this! Nothing will follow.
The audience is over. You have become transparent and invisible to her.

However... BE AWARE!
Try and cross her, or meddle in her work, work against her or conive behind her back? Many have faced her Fury and Absolute Wrath.
Have been scalded and singed by her whithering words... bruised and broken by her razor-sharp invective... and cursed until the very air turned BLUE.

You DO NOT want to be within the blast radius when she goes Super Nova.

If the Donna Darkwolf can drag the South African Air Force to the Equity Court for unfair dismissal, and reach a settlement with the South African Air Force after two years of legal proceedings?

You will understand... the Donna Darkwolf WILL come after you -
with her own Legal Counsel, and "see you In Court".

Then you will definitely be: "In Bocca Al Lupo".
'In The Mouth Of The Wolf'.

You DO NOT want to be There. Trust me.
To have the Wolf's teeth around your throat ? You'll soon come around...

Paganism Is Not a Cult, says Donna Vos

Donna Darkwolf in Interview on L'Atitude - SABC1

Donna being interviewed about Wiccan Religion in South Africa.
December 01, 2015.
Run-time: 24:12

I dowloaded the video JUST IN CASE it ever gets taken down.

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