1 BTN. 23 Marine Corps. Syria

“Unstoppable” by Composer E.S.Posthumous
Donna and I had been discussing what music I would be playing at her Dust-Off, and I had suggested starting with something like this...
as dramatic and energetic and triumphal as Donna herself.

A Sierra Hotel India Tango Project

Battle Hymn of The Brave Donna Darkwolf

Bad-ass Women Marines: These are members of 1 Battalion > 23 Marine Corps > Syria Expeditionary Force. I Love This!
Any one of these Marines could be the Donna Darkwolf. A True Soldier.
Lock 'n load, Soldier! 'Ts Time to Die! Get Out There! ROCK 'N ROLL. Back in One Piece! Semper Fi!
The Marine that matches the Donna Darkwolf closest... on the Left.

They might LOOK like women. Be careful. These are United States Marines.
NOT the kind of people you want to fuck around with with.

Just as my Shiny Wife is NOT a Darkwolf you want fuck around with with...

Just try it? You'll soon come around.

from:  Donna darkwolf@netactive.co.za
to:  Franco morenofranco.design@gmail.com
moreno franco morenofranco.design@gmail.com
date:  Jul 4, 2017, 7:17 AM
subject:  your battle hymn for the brave

UNSTOPPABLE! If that is how you see me i understand
at first it sounds so mournful i thought oh fuk my franco and then i heard that final hollow double drum tap and i just thought now what

then the hard cadence

sounds more like the snap of your cowboy boots when you are marching up the hallway to my door

there is no stopping it tak tak tak tak tak tak and suddenly you are here at my bedside with me.

i always feel so excited hearing your cowboy boots marching up the passage.
because i never know what you are going to say or do next. tell me we are going out to dinner... or dinner is ready?
we are going to the winelands for lunch? lets go to a movie?

I DO know the first words out of your mouth will be "my Love".
as always. no one has ever started off with greeting me with "my love" in your gravelly sexy voice.
i just melt. Or "corazon", or "mi corazon".

I suppose i am unstoppable when i am on one of my furies, either over the phone with some one, or at you for no good reason

And I suppose we are what happens when one unstoppable meets another.

its not conflict. its more of a testing of wills, one against the other. sharpening wits and blades

My Franco i know you are doing your level best to make me brave and keep me focussed.

I feel as daunted and driven to exceed your expectations as i imagine the team under your command must have been all those years ago.
bec when u get going i can hear that subtle edge creeping into your voice where if a thing does not get better quickly,
"it is going to go so fuckin bad so fast - you wont even have time to wipe your arse"

fuk franco the phrases you come up with. such poetic expletives. LOL. i know.
it sounds funny but at the moment there is only be immenent dread for the recipient.

getting a lashing from my silver tongued wolf

harsh relentless and impersonal as some of those Making the Cut navy seals training movies you showed me.
where the only enemy and the only obstruction one must face is ones own self. dicipline and sheer will is ALL.
DO or die trying. KEEP moving forward. as you are want to say.

you force me to remember who i am, the warrior i am, and what our Mission is...

you saying "if you dont get moving you will be a dead soldier. i dont want a dead soldier on my watch. looks bad on my report" 
makes me laugh so much

When we argue I feel like i am talking to a machine. you express neither passion, nor anger. just cold and hard facts. like a steel knife.

it is like it is bec this is what it IS! no emotion required. i know this. i know what you are doing. without the emotion we can focus clearly.

you are my mirror my franco. i know i see exactly what i am looking at when i look at you. uncluttered and unfiltered.
and when i hear your words speaking to me you sound like me as i would speak to myself, or my own students in the same circumstance.

What chances we take as a witch and a soldier my franco. both driven by my Mission and designed to do or die trying,
as you like to describe what we are to achieve, at any cost.

even the fact that you describe what I am engaged in as A MISSION steels my resolve.
i recall clearly in your gravelled voice, clinking your glass with mine: "this is not a walk in the park donna esita, it is A MISSION
and you are the tip of the spear"
joking: "try not to fuck it up double-oh-seven" in your best queens english

my freedom from this existence and your success of completing the Mission to ensure my freedom.
YOU ARE THE UNSTOPPABLE helping me see that I am unstoppable also, IF i get past all this mental shit and
the joke stopped with
"focus on your Mission soldier. you're not ON a Mission!!!...


when you said that, that is when I woke up

I can feel you breaking me. I can feel you re-making me. Every night i look at you and remember the feel of the blade of the katana i bought in japan.

the blade is as smooth and beautiful to look at as you, the edge is as crisp and sharp as your voice to the touch, when you reach a point.
a point i know like that Bene Gessirit witch in Dune,
Gaius Helen Mohiam: "here it comes..."

like a Katana beaten and folded, and beaten and folded. Over and OVER.

you beat me from raw metal, polished and sharpened me into a perfect shining blade

and this morning you told me "the clock is running, Pilot!" and I finally felt free at last. i can feel you breaking me free

like venus carved out of a block of marble

I can feel you re-training me I woke up for the first time in my life with out anxiety , nor fear. and i feel PERFECT.

NOW i feel like the warrior-priestess i always was when you found me. One kiss each... You now owe me!!! my franco. one kiss each.
(Referring to my daily ritual of kissing her breasts). i survived The Cut.

A fearless soul... burned... bent... folded... forged... fired... beaten... folded... pulled...shaped... whettened and sharped. ready for battle.

"the tip of the spear! the point of the sword!
now pick up your shield!
AGAIN!" just as your words and kisses kept on telling me. AGAIN! AGAIN!

forcing me to learn to drive WOLF the way I used to, and to learn to park you shouting "you drive like old people fuck"  just made me laugh
and we had to wait for me to stop laughing before continuing
u were so patient - but relentless. I watched your commitment to me and that made me realise that I was not committed to us as u

I recall yr words "Get IN THE WOLF! If I die Wolf is your last, best, and only friend"
Get on the ready line darkwolf! Time to DIE! NOW DRIVE!
i keep remembering yr joke about breakfast bacon and eggs - "the chicken is involved - BUT THE PIG IS COMMITTED!!!"
i have you to thank you for this. LOL

A-a-a-a-n-d, Then there is the INEVITABLE Demand for "DINNER!"

"Your shiny wife has a new dress which you will love, so listen here my beautiful soldier boy...
there is a hungry witch waiting to be wined and dined.

"We are going to Kloofstreet House tonight i have already booked our usual table in the window. So I can watch.

"i want a chalmar beef. and i want my favorite MINION to take me there and entertain me.

"u may have/ probably did tell , but if u did not tell me, or u havent told me you love me today!!!. lol. but i know u will. u always do.

"i want to hear our beautiful wolf and you arrive with the breath of angels everywhere for a thousand yards as you come up the hill. as always.

I can hear all of the cars coming up the hill.

but i know the sound of my pretty WOLF.

after all he is one of us. my precious WOLF.

fetch me your only Donna Strega Ragazza Mia -

"MINION!!! Service! XXXXXXX Mwah! :D
Thought to Self: "Resistance Is Futile!" Brush hair. Jacket. Bank card. Wolf Key. Wolf-Mobile. DRIVE!

For my Shiny Wife - ANY THING!
Everthing else is Just Gravy!

Minions 30% Mariachi Band

Another of the Donna Darkwolf's favorite "Minion" images she sent me. She told me that I'm the one in the middle. José!
The dissapproving one! LOL!
Okay. Tonight I am José! WTF?!

The accompanying message: "i have to laugh at this. this is what your face looks like when you are pointing out a missed spot on a fork, or a pot, or on the fridge, like José so dissapproving telling me:
"this! item! could! never! have! left! the! factory! like! this! imagine if you left the factory for arch priestesses with dirt on your robes, or snot on your nose". So you.

She knows all their names. Astonishing because she forgets so many things and yet remembers the names of all of the MINIONS
Anything for my shiny wife I love...
at least "YOU remember the Franco minion", I said to her over the phone when I received it -
to which she replied, laughing: "My Franco you're the ONLY minion I will truly love".