Donna Darkwolf - My Silver Witchy Wife

Donna's "A Beautiful Life". This was the title of her CD. But none of the tracks are labelled. Again.
After dinner, dishes all washed, she wants a "slow-sway-me" dance. A track we were listening to as we hit the highway -
driving from Cape town to go jive in Jo'burg.
Like Bonnie and Clyde fleeing a bank heist.
"Come... franco soldier of mine - let me sway you - and persuade you... Again"
And so we slowly dance from the kitchen, through the dining room... up the passage way... to our bedroom... into our bed...

Donna Darkwolf may be past President of the Pagan Federation of South Africa. She can be the Founder of Circle of the African Moon.
She can be a Wiccan Arch Priestess, a Wiccan Witch, and Ordained Priest of the Church.
She can be Author, Lecturer, Teacher, Councillor, Licenced Marriage Officer and Animal Rights Activist.
She can be Racing Driver, Karate 4th Kyu Purple belt holder, Gracious Hostess. And, A Royal Pain In The Arse.
BUT! She Is Fun and Funny! An Iconoclastic sense of Humor.
Regardless of all this Donna Darkwolf has "Style" - and here she is - dressed To PARTY!

Donna possesses the Soul of a Witch
The Heart of a Woman
The Spirit of a Wolf

Look at her eyes
Donna is not looking AT you
She is WATCHING you.
She is looking IN You
Donna is THINKING. Calculating...
Your Heart is being weighed for it's Purity
If she looks away - she will never look again
And you have failed.

All My Life's A Circle with The Donna Darkwolf

This is almost the Final Entry in the Biography of Donna Darkwolf Vos.

I registered Donna's Domain on 1 November 2017, that being the date of our "discovery" anniversary. The Night we met in 2007.

It had 31 Pages of her writings and perhaps 90 Images.

Since that date Donna's website has grown to 155 Pages and 1 673 Images and 135 Sound-tracks. Mostly of Donna Darkwolf's collection.
220 134 lines of Code. More than a Million Words.

I felt it neccessary, to tell Donna Darkwolf's Story.
Because of the circumstances regarding her Exit.

Let us be Clear.

I have ensured that I have forever removed from anyone, the luxury of their possible ideas that they could judge Donna Darkwolf.

Leaving them absolutely NO SPACE for their imagination, idle thoughts, or silly conjectures, to exist.

This EXISTS!  A Digital Monument! Carved out of Digital Rock.
Protected by a Digital Circle of Fire.
Existing for as long as the Internet exists.

This is a Photographic Essay - Souvenirs of The Safe Amnesia of History

It is a testimonial. A testimonial in the form of a diary :: a diary presented as an exhibition of photos and textual material.
A text that is of a statement, supported by photographic evidence – of all kinds and types.
A photographic library, described as annotations. Extracts from letters written to you.

Donna Darkwolf told me: "Tell a Beautiful Story with Your Life"
I do not think, for one moment, that she would ever have imagined that I would tell HER STORY, with My Life. Calculate that!

Extracts from letters you wrote to me. About the Love In My Life, My life of love and loving.
And my life of you that loved me – in spite of my own arrogant stupidity.
And, of which I have so much to owe to that one particular Isis who brought me to Life, with her one single kiss.

This Is Your Song... Donna, the 7th Beautiful Witch in My Life

Ésta Es Mi Canción It is a theme of encapsulated moments – like Chinese boxes, each inside one a little larger...
The world contains a life, which itself contains a story. The story contains dreams, predictions that came true.
As well as Detailed Accounts. Imagined outcomes.
And outcomes resolved in reality’s harsh Light of the World – which cannot its-self contain these, for they appear to be too fantastical...

The brighter it is - the less you may see.

Monument Building 101 - For Beginners

Part of the reason, that this project has taken this long, is the amount of Coding that as to be manually placed into the Content.

The benefit however is that Google's search robots stay interested - because every time they Crawl this site, they discover Fresh Content.

And each time they discover Fresh Content the site Ranking goes up. And each time the ranking goes up, more Users discover the site.

The more Users that discover, Book-mark, Share, and Link to the site - the more interested the Google-Bots become, and they keep on Re-Indexing the site.

If you conduct a search on Google for "donna darkwolf",  Donna DOMINATES the first 50 Results. (That's 5 Pages of Google.)

This site is at Number TWO. The one at Number One is an "older" site, with more Users - because it is an organisation.

Anyway, I have scraped Donna's hard-drive and mine - for everything that is relevant or publishable - and we are Done.

There could have been more, had it not been for a catastrophic failure of my previous had drive, which caused the loss of a lot of Donna's documents and e-mails to me.

Coupled with the fact that I had neglected to back-up some stuff onto my external drive. (Silly Bugger!)

Here: My Shiny Wife, Nefertiti, in her Garden of Earthly Delights.
Her: "Garden of Light"

I am Soldier
I am called Franco
I am the Keeper of Donna Darkwolf's Heart

I Serve All My Days - In the service of my Priestess
My Witch
My Shiny Wife

The Donna Darkwolf - Bella Strega

MINE is The Honour!


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The Romance of the Witch and The Soldier - Wedding Night. Forever Entangled in TIME.
We Two are forged in the same Fire.
Beaten from the same piece of Steel.
Sharpened by the same Stone.
Polished by the same Cloth.
Well Met! and Tested in the same Battle.

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