Donna Darkwolf at Vintage India

“Love is In Town" by Brenda Boykin & Clube des Belugas
Donna Darkwolf, dressed for a Curry at Vintage India. She laughingly refers to this get-up as her "curry kaftan".

First time I saw this kaftan - In my best Indian accent, with my head bobbing from side to side,
finger wagging in the air, I said: "By GollEE! You-OU! Look SO EENDIAN! Jollee GOOD!! In fact - EXTREEMELY! Jollee Good!"

Donna Darkwolf Loves Eating Out - "Let's Do Curry Tonight!"

Donna Darkwolf at Our Usual Table at Vintage India Restaurant

from:  Donna
to: Franco,
moreno franco
date:  Jul 1, 2017, 6:12 AM
subject:  morning. i have just had supper! -

sausages, potatoes and cucumber.
far cry from yesterdays lunch which was lovely.
Thanks for a wonderful day again

i've been writing all night.
I want a curry . lets do a curry tonight at vintage.
i'll book us our table for 7
Love is In Town - and she wants you to bring a tex and lunchbar minion of mine xxxxxxx
x. MWAH! :D

Ah! - Resistance is futile... I think to myself.

My Love Is In Town for Donna and Her Minion

The Donna Darkwolf is getting clever.
She found this song on YouTube.
Tracked down the lyrics... and mailed them to me.
At last... after all the arguments how to "Copy 'n Paste" URL's

Got my feet
Back here on on the ground
See the people are joining around
The world
Love is in town.

Got this message to share in time
Live your life, be in your prime.
Oh world, love is in town
Oh world, love is in town

Stormy days are over
And the sun is shining down
I can't wait any longer
Because my love is in town

These feet of mine
Are travelling light
Got my lover and everything's right
With the world, love is in town

Got a message to open your mind
Live your life
And you're gonna find
Your world, love is in town

The world love is in town
Stormy days are all over
And the sun is shining down I can't wait any longer
Because my lo-o-o-o-o-v-e is in town
(pappe... pi parape... pio)

Artist: Brenda Boykin

Vintage India Curry Menu - Donna Darkwolfs Favourite Curry Restaurant

Right at the entrance - and AS FAR AWAY FROM THE MAIN AREA. It was the quietest spot. Ideal for my Donna Strega. She always reserved this table.
Donna always sat in the corner, so that she could see the entire restuarant.
So my view was just that of my shiny wife. And no backgound interference. GOOD!
The entrance to the restaurant was behind my seat. Putting me between Donna and any surprises. I'm just funny that way!
Doctor John never gives this table away until after 6:00. He knows that I will always reserve it - and that if I haven't made a reservation by SIX. I am not visiting