Donna's Garden of Light

“Winelands Drive with My Donna" by Trio Leo
Donna believed this is her 'Celebration Song' because of my "Devotion" to her.

This is What You Can Expect From Me, Donna Darkwolf

Saturday afternoon, drinking wine in Donna's sunlit garden.

from:  Franco
to:  Donna
date:  Mar 7, 2017, 8:08 PM
subject:  Dígalo a mi Corazón::

Corazón Donna Darkwolf Ragazza Mia

I Think of You All the Time Donna Darkwolf, Because:

I found you because I looked for you. For a fact – I never found you by chance.
I was a Soul looking for a way to my true home.
I am in love with what I believe and I believed in you.
I Still do.
I have found you a few times in my life.
You could change your age, your name, your hair color, your eyes…
But I can always recognize you In There.
I grew up with you.
In you. Inspite of you… and you could never let me vanish.
Dance my little Dancer – Troppo Ballerina de Jazz –
I have only ever learned one dance with you in all my years with you.
The Dance of Fire And Ice
Paso Paso Paso Doble
Not one step out of Place

Digalo, Mi Corazón Espinata Ta Ta Ta - Say it, My Spiny Heart

I recall An Afternoon when you told me that you were “in Love” with me, and not just “loving” me...
You took my breath away
Shes In Love With Me. She loves me, yeah, yeah, yeah...
You painted a sign to hang on our drive-way gate: "Paradise. Population: 2"

You are always my Tico Tico Girl from Ipanema.
Smoothe and shining and and lovely.
Your Spanish Eyes. Your Spanish Arse?

I made my fantasy Real. All! Except the reason for it all. You. With you The One .
The one I missed was you. I wanted to:
Sin with My Dona Conchita.
I never lost my way
Not in your light
And made you strong
Gave you wings to aid your Flight
I gave you my wings
“I trust You”, I said

We all get cheated out of our fantasies. Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy.
Some of us go of to create other fantasies.
And a few more to realise those fantasies.
Experience the terrifyingly unreal reality of Fancy as it takes flight.

The difference between fantasy and reality is commitment to the adventure.
The moment fantasy emerges into reality it begins to form and mould itself onto the rational template...
and pretty soon it is no longer fantasy.

It is Dream brought to Life. It is Mind Moving. It is Spirit Living.
It Is Not One's Own.


My fantasies were made real by you,
My precious Donna – by knowing you, touching you...
Breath was breathed into the Dust and the Dream got up and spread her wings and took to Flight.

Time flows like honey... temptation,

I can’t resist you

Stay... Stay with me.

And we, lost in the light of a magick simplicity. learned to look on our past as an irrational night,
And looked at our Life as the answer to Everything.
A love so bright and pure…

Some morning in the vast wash of time:
On our vast white bed, I watch the sun streaming through the broad window, to wash your pale, silky skin in gold.
Your exhausted, and freshly loved body spread like a golden starfish washed up on the beach of white linen
By the surf of our love.
The polished dark sprawl of your mane of the woman I love now.
And I know that you will always be here with me.

I recall, My Lovely, that I felt that looking at your supine sculpture,
as if my heart could leap out of my mouth – in some last sacrifice to you.

There in tomorrows light
Your hair streams as dark as night
Just passed
And I dreamed then I could live forever
As I have now all these years later
With the memory
Gold in the promise of
Dreams you made come true.

“This house we keep is a reflection of our devotion to each other”:I told you…
“I never want to leave you, and I never will”,you said, Donna Conchita.
And I must admit that the promise you made me then... you have stood by

I said to you then: “And I know that I can never die.
Not with out seeing you again. Even for a fleeting glance. Afterward, yes. But not until then.
For I know you will be with me through Eternity”.

Go bravely, Beautiful Priestess of Mine.
I will find you again.
This is my promise
Know this is what you can expect from me.
Beyond my love and devotions
My promise
I will keep you burning in my heart for Eternity

One hot sunny day on some distant shore
I will be fantasizing about you
Recalling my dream - and once again, you will emerge into shimmering reality once more
And the first words out of your mouth will be:
"You Found Me!" - just as before.

Hey, Darkwolf - be assured
At least you can look forward to me officiating as you yourself would.
I learned from you so well, Donna Mia.
I love you as much as the first time I laid my eyes upon you.
We have Forever

Your Flight Lieutenant, faithful Minion and Chief Cook & Bottle-Washer

Now! Pay attention, Donna Mia
The Wolf will be at your door at 7 tomorrow evening
Dress to Kill - oh shiny wife of mine
Look Witchy - we are going to Kloofstreet House
I have got our usual table in the window
And you tell me how much you love me
In case I forgot

PS. In case I forgot to tell you I love you today?...
Don't worry. I will...)))

Minions on A Lunch Break

One of Donna's favorite "Minion" images. I'm the one at far left - eating Donna's chocolate bar.
By Donna's reasoning she wrote back: "Two of the Minions are supervisors, or foremen... In the white helmets... In Charge. And ONLY ONE of them is happy!