"Cant Take My Eyes Off You". by Andy Williams. It made Donna happy when I played this for her and took her dancing on our patio - and sang it to her myself.
Me serenading Mia Donna Ragazza.

Know this: Donna is not looking AT you. She is Watching You. Donna is thinking...
If she looks away without speaking? She will never look at you again.
She has balanced your heart on her Scale - and your heart Failed.
She has neither Time nor Interest....

Donna Darkwolf - Moon And Stars And Love, Sex And Poetry

Mission: HOT!

Donna Darkwolf in Mystery and Imagination

This is about My Life So Far. And its about time. AND it IS about time, too. Don't miss world domination in a glass.

Get soused in the name of Friday Night and experience Life in The Dark Lane, in The Red Queens Race.

Its also about dreams, wishes and nightmares, a Life of Magick in the Life.

A life lost in the light of a magick simplicity
But mostly about my love of life and love, Loving, and being loved…loved well .
I recall A-L-L-L-L-L-L of it, For it is mostly sweet.

I follow a life suggested by Nature and carved out an Identity for my self in the vast realm of personal idiosyncracy, rather than carving it out of someone elses flesh, as is normally the case.
I created a personality for my self and have paraded my creation before the eyes of all I have met with no care for their sensibilities except that they will accept me as they discover me.
By layers. By degrees. By levels of intimacy.

Franco - this poem reminds me of us
I cannot wait to have you here in Joburg
Well its only 2 weeks to go

All my love from your witchy wife
Donna Ragazza
xxxxxxx :D MWAH!!!

She Is HOT! My Only Love and Beautiful Friend. My Shiny Wife.

I wrote to Donna, describing her effect upon me:
All my girlfriends and wives have been beautiful. EXTERNALLY. All have been relatively intelligent. And relatively delightful.
Yet - until I found Donna, I never realised that what ever I had had was only "FIVE OUT OF TEN".

Let me put it like this. My Life has TWO Parts to it: There is BEFORE Donna Darkwolf. And AFTER Donna Darkwolf.
Before:  I had 'things that glittered'. NOW:  I have something 'that shines from its own internal energetic process.'

Similar to the nuclear fusion in our Sun

She SHINES from Her Self. Like the Sun!

Before:  I had comic books and fashion magzines.
NOWI have a huge, ancient, worn leather-bound TOME. With thousands, upon thousands of pages.

With ILLUMINATED Capitals, and fantastic illustrations.
There are sentences UNDERLINED!  There are sentences STRUCK THROUGH!
There are Scribbled Side-Notes in the margins.

The Tome is bound about with a strong steel strap. And locked with a heavy steel pad-lock.

With Donna Ragazza Mia - I have discovered a "Fellow Traveller".

Beyond the Arch-Priestess and the Pagan Witch, I am blessed with a Divine Lover and Wonderful Dinner Partner.
I also have my own Personal Account and Social Events Manager. She has had legal training, and is thus, my Legal Council.
Sometimes Donna is my Designated Driver. Other times she is my Wardobe Assistant.

At home Donna Ragazza is my dancing partner while one of us makes dinner, and we can Waltz or Tango around our huge kitchen.
Or she can be my car-wash assitant as we wash her Pretty WOLF on the lawn.
By assist, I mean: She holds my beer, while I wash WOLF! )))

BUT! It's NOT all ROSY.
Mia Bella Donna can also be my Harshest Critic, OR, "Mon Assistant Stupide..."

Donna Darkwolf's Big Book of Spells

This is how I imagine Donna. Full of surprises, revelations, mystery and wonderment. Now compare this Ancient Tome with comics or fashion magazines.

In public we are IMMACULATE!
I am an ex-Army Flight Lieutenant. Donna Bellissima is a Public Figure.
We stand "Back-to-Back". Protecting each other. Like soldiers in battle.
Because Each Other - Is All We Have.

WE are each others Guardian Angel. Each others Protector.
WE don't have to like each other - but we sure as hell are going to be there together...
Where The Metal Meets The Meat!
Defending Each Other.

What more Service can any couple ask for, of each other.

I serve all my days in the Service of Our Love. Witnessing Donna Darkwolf do the same.
And I would do it all again. In A Heart Beat!

You're just too good to be true
Can't take my eyes off of you
You're just like Heaven to touch
I love to hold you so much
At long last, love has arrived
And I thank God I'm alive
You're just too good to be true
Can't take my eyes off of you
Can't keep my hands off of you!

Meaningless Magazines

Now you get my meaning.
I have a big ancient Book, full of mystery and magick, that will take a life-time to read. And it is still being written into.

“Moon And Stars ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I woke up
This morning
And you
We’re on my mind
Your name
Slid off my tongue
Into the air
From the
Breath I exhaled
As if
I was releasing
The feeling
Of missing you
Into God’s ear
Asking him
To protect you
On your path
It was you
In my dream
Just minutes before
Talking to me
As if you
Were standing
Next to me
And then
I opened my eyes
And I was
In bed
Alone with
You on my mind
You were
Laying your
Energy against
My body
And pressing
Your name
Onto my chest as
I exhaled
And said
Your name slowly
Releasing my
Passion for you
Into the air
Praying my
Love for you
Travels with the wind
Into your heart
And places me
In your thoughts
Sparking you to
Share in this moment
Of desire and
Spiritual connection
Before we
Live another day
In worlds apart
From love
That is shared
In the energy
Between us
I take a deep breath
And step
Out of bed
Carrying you
In my heart
Throughout the day
Laying with you
In my heart
At night
Seeing you
In my dreams
As the Moon rises
With the stars
Your soul
Is never far
From mine
Your soul
Is the moon And mine
Is the stars
We are
Universal love
We are love
Under this
Beautiful New moon
We are love
Donna Mia

Source: writingholistically.com
Writer: Linda A. Long
Moon And Stars ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

The Immortal Love of The Witch and The Soldier

Oh! For The Love Of Us!

The book cover I designed for Donna's Story of The Witch and The Soldier.
Sadly, she only got to write the Introduction.

Happily - all is not lost. Much of what she might have written is on this website;
In her Writings, her E-mails to me and my account of US!

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