“Quiet Moon” by - Thomas Hjorth & Velvet Mind Productions. Vocalist: Laura Vall >> Precious Mermaid
She sings to me from the Ocean

Wooing a Mermaid - Donna Darkwolf's 'Lullaby of The Emerald Beyond'

Trying to seduce the average girl, or woman,
is difficult enough. But that is a "Walk in The Park".
Wait until you meet an Arch-Priestess and a Witch.

Women are more spiritually attuned to the Universe, and sensitive than men.
And, a Witch is VASTLY more spiritually attuned, and sensitive than any mere woman can ever hope to be.

Live with it. For surely, if you do not - you WILL Die From It!

Until one day you emerge from the fire, a Phoenix...
you will endure a hard, back-breaking, mind-twisting, soul-numbing
feat of endless endurance tests.
All of them, designed to break you. Mind and Soul. Get Ready.

Until one day you emerge from the fire, a Phoenix...
Rising from the ashes of your pathetic past existence,
Shaped for a Different Destiny.

Reminded me of being in the Army, a fresh trainee-officer, hearing a litany that I would
one day to have the privelege of passing on to another wave of fresh recruits:
"Welcome to Fireyne IV. Gentlemen. It is my duty to inform you:
This Officer Training Course is DESIGNED to make you FAIL.
There are 300 men here. Only nine or ten of you will be selected.
"It's Time To Die!"

And then I discover she is a Witch of the Sea?!
I was lucky. I was born January 1952.
The Month of The Water Dragon - by the Chinese Calendar.
IT WAS NOT AN OPEN PASS. Not even a "Hail Mary".
It was a tiny crack, just enough to just slip in the blade of a gimlet.
Not knowing what was on the other side

I found out. I spent 10 years on the most magnificent adventure of my life.
With my Bella Strega, Donna. My Beautiful Witch.

I painted this Mermaid series in 1983.
I was married to a different 'almost witch". Number Two.
These paintings now exist in the collection of her friend, Cyd, in her house in Provo. Utah.

Twenty five years later, in 2007 - I found The Donna Darkwolf.

Witch number Seven: This was me walking onto the most incredible battle-field of my life.

As a soldier - I KNOW all about battle-fields.
A contest of wills. A test of mental endurance. Critical thinking. Constantly trying to outwit each other.
The parry of words was similar to the parry of swords.
Sometimes you were "Victor!". Other times you were "Concede!"
"C'mon... you can do better than THAT! AGAIN!"
And that is what it took to WIN ONE WITCH. Who is still my "Little Mermaid". That I miss so sorely.

The Siren's Lure and The Song of The Deeps

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Donna at Sunrise on The Ocean

There are women we see just once, and we see them completely… and others that we only discover little by little. Like you, Donna Conchita ...my Mnemosyne and My Isis…
I never fully found you. Always transformed, you ran away, re-appeared enriched, turned over your golden fruit and fled once more with the hope, but not the certainty of your return. You, my pretty bronze crab. Moving gracefully over lifes rock's and washed in the oceans warm swell.
I wished to be that ocean to wash your skin.
To be that ocean that brought you life.

Seduction in the Saline Beyond

I wanted to find the harmony of the contradiction that nibbled away at the apple of my life. To find La Conchita without ever finding her completely, was like never returning to a place, experiencing the comfort of recovering it there, but knowing that I would never completely know it or understand it. Like the secret of my soul.
The idyll of our meeting, the secret surprise: “You Found Me!” And your smile.

Consummation Amongst the Stars

I place my life at risk, and close my eyes for a moment while I smell your dark hair – and pray that I will never fully understand you, that there will never be a third desire in my life, that I will never be tempted again to include my erotic life in the collective disorder in which I have sometimes found myself.

I have you. I do not wish for, or need, anyone or anything.
For I have my beloved Dark Wolf. Mi Bella Strega Donna.

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