“Forever-Entangled" by Unknown. Another of Donna's dinner time slow-waltz tunes.
Donna Darkwolf compels attention, just as she is. But, as Queen Nefertiti? - breathtaking.

While I take this picture - I am in awe. A loving 'slip of a girl' who can become a tyrant.
(Well.. she's no girl. She's 56. But, she is forever "My Girl"... Mia RAGAZZA!)
The Priestess to others - To me, my Shiny Wife.
So Bold. So Brave. So in love with US!

OUTSTANDING! Mia Carissma Ragazza!
While I have her posing for this photo-op, Donna is acting in mock irritation: "Come On! Minion! Hurry up! I want MY DINNER!
To which I reply, dismissively, in my Mexican accent: "Senhorita!! No peekchur.. NO dinner! Lo entiendes!? Dju unnerstan?? Strega?!"
Which causes her to break into laughter and move... And we have to do the whole shot again

Donna had typed this letter out, and gave it to me after dinner, in one of her famous beautiful greeting cards.
"More personal than an e-mail",  she quipped. Just a few days before her 'Mission'.

A poignant farewell missive from my Queen of My Heart.

'We Are Forever Entangled Across Time and Space' by Donna Darkwolf

My Franco

I don’t want to go

And leave you behind, my beautiful Soldier

But I must.

We have spoken about this day often

We both knew this day was coming.

It is ordained

The pen having written, shimmers and moves on

I love you so much

And you love me so deeply

I know our love will follow me into Eternity

We are forever entangled across time and space . . .

Donna's Last Thank You
I had Donna's wedding ring split so that I could wear it.
We both had silver bands. Mine broader than hers

As we have always been

As we did before, and as we have now,

We will meet again

And until that day

I will live in the warmth and safety

Of your heart.

Until you find me, Again. My Franco

All My Love - Your Bella Donna Strega

The Persistence of Time

I will always laugh at the memory of the LOOK On Your Face the FIRST TIME you saw ME! and said:

“Migod! It’s YOU!” The SHOCK of Recognition! You just about fell over. LOL.

I never laughed so much, as at your startled surprise!

Happily, I know I can look forward to another day

On some other distant shore

To surprise you again.

Keep your eyes open for the Little Black Bird.

I couldn’t do a Wolf, because wolves don’t fly.

So my Little Black Bird will do

You will find your Darkwolf again,

My Silver Tongued Wolf.

Forever, your Donna Darkwolf Bella Strega Ragazza!

My Immortal Beloved Franco


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"This is Only Au Revoir, Soldier Boy - Not Goodbye"

One of The Witch, Donna Darkwolf's last little notes to me, her Soldier.
This illustration would have been the cover of her pending auto-biography:
"The Immortal Love of The Witch and The Soldier"