Donna Darkwolf - My Girl on a Swing

“While Her Head is in the Sky” by Julie Elven - Living Room Sessions. Donna Darkwolf - My Girl on a Swing.
I selected this piece by Julie Elven because it best reflects the Donna Darkwolf's mind, tranquil mood and wistful, dreaming gaze at Her Ocean...
Where she would one day be - Visions of the Emerald Beyond - where she now swims.
Julie performs the piano and the vocals, AND the violin backing. Catch her on YouTube. She is truly wonderful.

Imagine Donna Darkwolf. The Girl on a Swing Surrounded by Stars, Like Dust...

After Donna Darkwolf travelled on to the Undiscovered Country, I decided to install a memorial bench for her on the beach where she liked to sit and gaze at the ocean.

This beach is where I cast some of her Ashes, at her request.

As with many other aspects surrounding my dealing with things to with Donna’s departure, her bench presented its own particular string of “coincidental” 7’s, 10’s, 17’s
and 21’s - pertaining to the days of her passing, body ID at the morgue, kissing her goodbye for the last time, and, receiving her Ashes.

I have provided the maps, based on the number of enquiries I have received from people who were surprised to learn of her passing.
Now you can find your way there, and you can sit at Donna's bench and gaze upon her view of Infinity. The Emerald Beyond.


Next to Ons Huisie Restaurant
17 October, Today, It is 466 days since my wife checked in to the Hereafter Hilton.
3 months to the day behind 17 July
4 + 6 + 6 = 16
6 + 1 = 7
This was all planned? Knowing Donna...
Now you are DEFINITELY flying by the seat of your pants. And the last gas fumes on a rag.
Brace For Landing!

This is a 2010 Sattelite image at altitude of 120 metres. The orbiting height of a gunship. Close enough to "do you" - and far out enough to dodge your grenade launcher.
Donna is Bench No.7 right at the front. WHERE ELSE?
Discover the Recurring Magic Se7en

Donna's Logo Marks the Place. Donna Chose the View. Enjoy!

Donna's memorial bench became bench number Se7en on this particular part of the beach.
Here is a Driving Map
33°47'58.2"S 18°27'30.0"E - OR Just Google Donna Darkwolf on you Goole Maps.

From Here, You Can See Forever

Finally Installed. 17-10-2018. 17 July was our last good-bye...
Take a drive out to Blouberg Beach, sit out here for a bit... and then go over the road for breakfast or Lunch...
(Click to see the view. Use control and scroll to zoom in and pan).
Better still! Come here and sit on this bench!

Battle Hymn For The Brave

Photographing polished steel, with out getting ones reflection in the image is tricky. If you want to see it more clearly, you will have to go there...

You can look closely at how the 7's in Donna's end-date are emphasised.

READ 777 to see Why...

Not Yet... Not YET!

Because there will be no one capable of getting all this done - I decided to have my plaque made at the same time. Now all that need be done - one day - is to take the plaque, with the design file lodged with my attorney, to a laser etching company to fill in the end date.

In The Saga of Se7en - it Had To Be

21-10-2018. 21 July is when I collected Donna's Ashes.

When I Did The Recce - 2017

23 September at 11:42. The day I decided to put up Donna's bench. The Number on Donna's Cremation Cerificate is the registration of this vehicle.

When I Did This Job - 2018

In the contractors number plate. The numbers 7 and 17. The dates Donna departed and the last kiss farewell, in July 2017, and the date of this job 17 Oct 2018.
The ONLY day that the contractor could book my

On My Sunday Visit

21-10-2018. 3 days later. This car is parked where the first car and the service truck were parked. 21 July was the day I collected Donna's ashes. Donna's Cremation Certificate: 7767 This Car: 70977...

All my Change

This was all the small change I had on me. I suddenly had the Idea to cast some coins into the foundation.
I had JUST 7 One Rand coins to throw into the foundation. Could have thrown a 2 and a 5 or three 2's and a one. Lucky Me!
I have to wonder about synchronicity, serendepity and the dead reaching out into the real world...

Semper in Excreta

My contractor, Sean, was an ex-Navy Diver. So now this is one soldier to another. Recovery and demolition.This was their motto. He showed it to me after reading "Semper Fidelis" on Donna's plaque...
"Sermper in Excreta"... Aways in Shit!
Out of ALL the potentials on Gumtree.... I find another Soldier to do a Soldier's work....

Lunch Bill

How could it NOT HAVE a 17 in it?
I took Sean to Ons Huise for our lunch break. We each had a plate of chips and a couple of beers. The bill could have been R194.00. Or R213.00. But NO!
Donna Darkwolf HAS to have a hand in it - get me a bill for R2 SEVENTEEN Rand. Why Not?
The day is already full of Farewell 17 Kisses.

"And the Cost of the Bench?"

You Ask? If you did not Believe in Magic...
Believe me...
When I used to pass off Donna's serendipitous observations, I generally fobbed them off..
"You'll come around. Trust Me", Donna admonished.

My Attorney heard this Story

10-07-2018. He was amused and astonished.
One minute after leaving his office, I took this picture at the end of his block and sent it to him. We had just finalised Donna's Estate. One year to the day, that I ID'd Donna's body at the morgue.

Education in Magic 101

There is Accident, Coincidence, and Synchronicity.
And there IS A PLAN. Killing all three of those concepts. Dead in the water.
Pour Yourself a Drink. You Will need it. If you do not drink, you WILL LEARN HOW, After this. STRAP IN!...

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