Donna. My Nefertiti

“Unleashed” by Composer Thomas Bergersen and Two Steps from Hell Orchestra. Vocalist - Merethe Soltvedt.
Donna Darkwolf - Free! My Nefertiti In The Undiscovered Country.
I discovered this song a few days before her dust-off. I wanted to play it at her dust-off but figured it would freak the assembled guests out.
Why "Unleashed"? Because the cadence and build-up, remind me of the Donna Darkwolf - Once she had put her mind to something, her will was Unleashed.
Always Well Planned,
My Shiny Wife, The Donna Darkwolf.

My Only Love and Beautiful Friend. My Donna Darkwolf

Oscar.Sierra.Hotel.India.Tango = Oh SHIT!  Attached to Donna Darkwolf’s last love letter to me, a missive I sent her, 3 days previously:

From: Franco []design@franco
Sent: 03 July 2017 08:34 PM (4 days to Check-In at the Hereafter Hilton)
To: ‘Donna’
Subject: My Only Love and Beautiful Friend


Dont Cry Sister, cry – Everything will be jus fine
I done that once. Wrong thing.
However I must write to you now.

This is not a story of love and cuddly-wuddly.

This is a story of challenge and battle.

With a clear Strategy. A Battle to break the Gates of Heaven. Succeed at any Cost! Overwhelm and Crush!

A challenge you rise to. I compliment you. Shiny Wife of Mine!

We. The last of the stone-hired killers, and the amazing witch.

My last friends and wives name for me was LUPO: Wolf: Alone

Like a lone Wolf.

Because wolves work independent.

They might work together – But you never can tell

When one of them might just go SOLO - Just as you are going to now.

And - yes, I will miss you dearly, when you depart on your amazing journey.

Missing is what it is all about. THE MEMORY.

No one DIES. Until they are forgotten.

And I cannot forget You, Donna Ragazza Mia!– cursed as I am with memory.

Hence my love of the Greek goddess. Mnemosyne.

Goddess of Memory

“Remember what is important.
Forget what is not".

“Learn it Fast – and learn it Well”, my friend.
Learn! or Die Trying. We have "One Show Only"
On your Mark!

My Most Beautiful Friend and Shiny Wife.

I don’t know what life will be like without you, Donna Mia – but I DO Know – I Will Never Forget You. I never forgot you before.
Here's a Book to write!!: "My Life Without Me" : LOL
'Carry On' by the amazing J.J. Cale.

If life's little downs they keep coming around
Carry on, carry on
With darkness all about, you want to scream and shout
Carry on, carry on

Don't cry baby, look at where you've been
Everybody knows you just need a friend
Please, please, please, if you're down on your knees
Carry on, carry on

Your head is full of doubt, you can't figure it out
Carry on, carry on
Between the time it takes to make all those mistakes
Carry on, carry on

It don't matter what you say or do
It just seems to work out if you want it to
Let out all the slack, take it off your back
Carry on, carry on

Let me bend your ear, never shed a tear

Carry on, carry on
Carry on, carry on

Writer: J.J Cale

She is All What I See

My last words have always been: Carry On.

Pick up the flag

Get on the Ready Line Soldie-e-e-e-e-rs!
‘Ts Time to Die!
And as we board our ship
We each kiss her Hot Cold steel skin
She will take us to places
We've never been
I always kissed the letter “M” in AirMobil – when I got off the ship. It was a ritual. I counted the times I kissed that steel skin, that sweet, smoothe, hot cold skin that separated us from life and kept us away from death. We live in a limbo – not living – yet not dead. Living in the sky / to die from fire / a secret phoenix / and no ashes.

And here we are today. My Love

The Last of the All-Electric Fur Trappers
And the Stone-hard Witch

Just Us Angels... My Love...


I Loved You – my Donna Ragazza
All my life
In all your different and wonderful incarnations
Of all of your incarnations
I love this incarnation The Best, Mia Strega Donna
Short as it has been - you are the most exciting days of my life
As you said: "We are here to To Grow Up Together. Not to Grow Old Together”
I understand what you mean now, Donna Mia
I KNOW you for what you are.
I cannot sway you from your path, my love. I can only Salute You. Salute your Courage.
YOU are the Pilot, Donna Darkwolf, I am your Flight Lieutenant.
Privileged, and Proud to serve beside you again.
My Proud Warrior
My Dog of War
My Brave Spirit
My Witch
My Priestess
My Hero
My Nefertiti
My Dark Wolf
Mia Donna Strega
My guiding Light. The Fire that burns inside my Heart.
My Love Follows you to Sirius and the sea.

WOLF and I will fetch you in the morning.

Get Organised.

Sleep well Ragazza Mia
I Love You ->
Your faithful Minion :)) "Gelato!"
and Flight Lieutenant Franco.
#775 718 109
WOLF will fetch you in the morning, for breakfast on the beach… XXX
As Advertised!!!
Roma Victor!

NEXT: I Promise I Will Fetch You

End of Line

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