Donna Darkwolf dressed for dinner at the Lord Milner Hotel

"Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole.

Wardrobe of The Well-Dressed Pagan Wiccan Arch-Priestess, Donna Darkwolf

The Donna Darkwolf definitely had an eye for "STYLE". Here she is, dressed for our Honeymoon dinner at the Lord Milner Hotel.
"First Apperances ALWAYS Count" - she would say. "There is NO second attempt! Besides . . . If I happen to die, I would like to Look Good!".

And this Tune? I would watch the Donna Darkwolf dressing. Do up the back of her dress. Watch her do the make-up bit.
This Tune portrays it all. I mean to say it conveys the excitedness a woman feels when she is dressing to "Go Out!"
The hair. The flourishes. The perfume. The lipstick.
Until . . . PERFECT!
Only THEN, as we are leaving our house, am I permitted to "take a photo".

Women live two kinds of life. The 'at-home' life and the going out life.
At home a woman is generally not that much to look at.
But when she goes out – it is a completely new person . . .
85% of men are too boorish, sloppy, ignorant . . . whatever, to give their woman someone pleasing to look at.

Well, there is no arguing with that.

I have never seen the Darkwolf in T-Shirts, Jeans, Slacks or Dresses.
She had her Starry Shirt for cool days. And a few stylish blouses that she wore with her long, flowing dresses
that made her look like a French or Italian noble-woman on holiday.

She may shop for shoes, pajamas and underwear. Never clothes!
That was beneath her.

All Donna Darkwolf's Wiccan Priestess robes and her formal and informal robes and caftans
were designed by her, and made by her own dress-maker.

All the fabrics were light and filmy - and double-layered. So the robe could "Waft" in the breeze of her motion.
The Donna Darkwolf is just fussy this way! That she Compels Attention. Without knowing it. Natural

Off to Dinner

Black and Gold are Donna's favorite colours.

Best Guess - "It's Curry Tonight"?

Donna loved the colours flavoured by Indian tastes.

The "Blow-Them-Away" Robe

On her way to the Airport. Or a Pagan Ceremony.

Sunday Lunch in the Country

Everybody will be dressed like pensioners and back-packers... and THEN! In comes Queen Donna!
Escorted. On the arm of her favorite Minion. MIFWIC!
Mother F*cker Wots In Charge!

Donna in the Airport Arrivals Hall

The other passengers look tacky and bedraggled.
Donna looks like a Wiccan Priestess, drifting serenely.
Oblivious of the surrounding airport chaos. Until she see's me. And runs, screeching, into my arms.

Lord Milner Chapel by The River

Bound to turn heads as she drifts serenely into the hotel restaurant. The patrons stand no chance against this Queenly onslaught...
My Nefertiti. 'The Beautiful Woman Has Come'.

Black and Floral

Donna would always wear something to contrast the venue. Here, Blue against Orange, at the "Bukhara" Restaurant in the Waterfront.

Rushing to Catch a Flight

Dressed for her flight to Johannesburg. THIS is going to blow all the other passengers away.
Some Saudi Arabian woman returning home...

THIS! Is Housewear

If Donna was not naked, in her pajamas or gown...
She was dressed! To consult, lecture or dine. Here we are going to have a picnic lunch out on our garden.
Just AVERAGE! Donna as Usual! BREATH-TAKING!

Dining Mesopotamian Tonight

"I have to Look THE PART!" Donna announces.
"You know? When in Mesopotamia...?"
"Otherwise! What's The POINT!?"
I take the Hand of my Shiny Wife and escort her to the WOLF, telling her: "You Look Like Dessert, Habibi!"
She Responds: "Definitely! But sadly, Dinner First!"

The "Sunday Breakfast Dress"

Every one else has Fat Arses. Kids. Dogs. Its a MESS!
I have an Immaculate, Shiny, Witchy Wife! I always enjoy watching the reactions of the other patrons.
A blend of recognition and disbelief.
Recognising Beauty, and incredulous to be an actual witness to Nefertiti: 'A beautiful woman has come!'

Nice Robe... But! The Poster...??

Donna, on her way to the Airport. In the robe she was wearing on the night we met. The one I tore off her.
Donna looks Beautiful. While I look like I will be pushing the luggage cart for my Queen Nefertiti.
"Good Crikey!" I complain in my best Indian accent -
"I dont get paid enough for thiz!"

Looks Like it's 'Curry for Lunch'!

Donna looks like she has just got off a jet from Mumbai - still in her travel clothes.

At a Wine Estate for Lunch

She loves dressing up for a Sunday lunch: "No point in having all these robes, and not wearing them!"

Just Home from the Airport

I watch the people who watch her, gliding through the frenzy of the Terminal, and just MARVEL!

My Elegant Wife

Donna on her way to dinner.

Taking Queen Nefertiti to Lunch

Imperiously she proclaims: "Come, my dear Minion!
"Take me to lunch! Only then shall I love you!"
Arrive at Constantia Estate. Queen Nefertiti and I.

Donna in Our Painted Lounge

I've spent all afternoon painting out our lounge. Before we return all the furniture, I decide to use the empty room for this shot, as we leave for dinner. Beautiful!

Donna: "Let Us Lunch, Minion!"

AS we leave: "Come! Stand here! A picture before we leave! Dont look at ME! Look distant! BE ALOOF!
Your standard gaze for walking into restaurants!.
Come Now! No eye-contact with the hoi-polloi!"

Which causes Donna to break out laughing.
So we have to wait for her to regain her composure.
About 4 times. The word "Hoi-Polloi" keeps setting her off into more laughter.

Donna as The Silver Witch

Donna hired this outfit for a fancy-dress birthday party we were attending, and blew every one away.

A Christmas Witch Come True

Donna dressed for Christmas lunch at Babylonstoren Wine Estate. She is ALL I wished for.
And she is all I GOT for Christmas. She is Perfect.

Cleopatra Takes Me to Lunch

Donna had this Egyptian head-piece. She was already dressed in this white robe, and I thought it would be great to have her wearing the head-piece...
Arrive at Verglegen Estate. Queen Cleopatra and I.

7th Wedding Anniversary

We made it this far. Seven Years.
My Shiny Wife tells me: "I'm mad about you. MWah!"
By her account: I drive her mad.
She just drives me crazy.

She's Like a Rainbow

She comes in colors everywhere. She combs her hair. My Immortal Sorceress. Donna dressed for her Birthday Breakfast. I just follow the stars.

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