Donna Darkwolf at Dinner at Home

“The Mummers' Dance” from The Mask and Mirror by Loreena McKennitt.
One of Donna's favorite songs by her second most favorite singer, after Leonard Cohen.
She would sit out on the patio in the dark - gazing at the full moon and the stars.

Dinner at home with my Shiny Wife, Donna Darkwolf.

There is NO Stopping. No Retreat. No “Back Button”

From: ‘Donna’
Sent: 01 July 2017 03:22 AM (6 days to Check-In at the Hereafter Hilton)
To: Franco []design@franco
Subject: There is NO Stopping. No Retreat. No “Back Button”

My Franco
From the minute I laid my eyes upon you – I knew we were destined for a great and wondrous journey together.

TEN years of the most energetic days of my life.

I have lived more in these TEN years – than the previous 40 years

So much passion, excitement, fun, pain, exertion, danger, excitement, and finally, Exhilaration.

We stand together upon that mountain peak. Above the clouds.

Surveyors of Infinity.

I know you never had any doubt, bec u r a soldier

And that gave me the strength to ‘keep moving forward’,  as you are wont to say.
“We pay for everything, with Our Lives”, you said.

“We just have to decide WHAT we wish to pay FOR”

You said that. On our wedding night, when u said –

You would ‘serve all your days – in the service of our love’

Only then did I grasp the immensity, extent and gravity of my Mission.

It is no longer about myself

but about you, and all those I have touched

My decision will affect many lives

However, I am confident that you will make my transition cheerful and peaceful.

The Immortal Love of the Witch and The Soldier

The Immortal Love of the Witch and The Soldier

A book cover I designed for Donna, to encourage her to write her auto-biography.
She loved it she started her rough draft the next day. Wish I could find it.

You are just GOOD, this way

Having entrusted you with my Heart – entrusting you with my Exit is a ‘walk in the park’.

As you are wont to say… my franco.

more than my soldier, and my minion

and more than my lover and my husband

you are my angel – and my best friend

Live long. Prosper.

I will see you on Sirius…

I want to be loved by you

AGAIN! My Franco

As always – your Immortal Beloved

Bella Strega. Donna Darkwolf

Life in our kitchen with Donna

Donna Darkwolf's Belt of Orion and Sirius

"Find me on Sirius", Donna said to me before she departed.
I can look up into the clear night sky most nights, and see the constellation of Orion and Sirius, the 'Dog Star', the BRIGHTEST star in the sky.
And the Belt of Orion coincides with the stars on Donna's Starry shirt... pointing the way to Sirius @ bottom-left.
Some nights we sat on our patio looking up at the night sky watching Sirius and Orion drift by.

Sirius is Donna's "favorite Star" because it is referred to as 'The Dog Star', and Donna LOVES her dogs.
After her bull terrier Borg, passed away Donna Strega was distraught. Her companion and driving and shopping partner of many years had passed on.
Yet she found solace in gazing at Sirius:
"Sirius is Dog Heaven", she mused, "Where all the Spirits of Dogs and Wolves go. I am a Wolf. So I suppose I will also go there", wistfully blowing Sirius a Kiss.

In Summer, Sirius becomes visible at about 90 minutes after the last Sun's rays have vanished.
In winter, somewhat later. The sun sets earlier, but the procession of Stars remains unchanged - so Sirius becomes visible about 2 hours after sunset.

So I can always have a reminder of my Donna Darkwolf.
Look up at Orion and Sirius - And Just Smile.

The Mummers' Dance

When in the springtime of the year
When the trees are crowned with leaves
When the ash and oak, and the birch and yew
Are dressed in ribbons fair

When owls call the breathless moon
In the blue veil of the night
The shadows of the trees appear
Amidst the lantern light

We've been rambling all the night
And some time of this day
Now returning back again
We bring a garland gay

Writer: Loreena McKennitt

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