Donna Darkwolf's Shirt Collection

"Lily Was Here" by David A. Stewart ft. Candy Dulfer on Sax. Featured as an opening score, or closing title on TV's 'Miami Vice' in the early 1980's
Suitable enough track for my Shirt Collection

My Shirt Collection. Compliments of Donna Darkwolf

I hate shopping.
I detest the whole disgusting experience.
I tend to want to get it over with as quickly as possible.
The way to do this is: "FAST!"
So I have generaly bought white shirts. Different styles, cuts, fabrics. But WHITE!
"White goes with everything!"
As well as many colored shirts - but no stripes or patterns.

My Donna Darkwolf made it her Mission to change my taste in shirts.
One day she went out and bought me fifteen shirts from three or four different Men's shops.
That is quite some Mission.

I came home from work - and there were all these shirts, hung up on hangers. ALL OVER THE LOUNGE.
Hanging from the curtain rails, the TV, candelabra, over the backs of sofa and wing-back arm chairs.
And even from the chandelier...

I now have SEVENTY TWO shirts! A quarter of them, bought by Donna Darkwolf.

My Hawaii Five-Oh Hawaiian Shirt Collection by Donna Darkwolf

I had a few Hawaiian shirts - but as mentioned previously, the majority of my summer short-sleeve shirts were WHITE!

Donna shopped me up some wild ones.

And then, for my 65th Birthday ordered in four REAL Hawaiian from a company called "Pacific Legend" in Honolulu.
On the Hawaiian island of O'Ahu - not far from the legendary Pearl Harbour.
Got to hand it to The Girl.
She Knows how to blow My Mind!

Pineapple Express


Damn! Looks Like I have to Re-Shoot this

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