“Ora” (Now) from 'Una Mattina' - (One Morning) by Ludovico Einaudi. Donna Darkwolf exists amongst Faeries and Elves. Spirits, Guardians and Potions.
One of Donna's "restful magick garden" pieces of music for a lazy Saturday at home.

I have witnessed her power first-hand.
She has magicked up good fortune and money, and magicked away impending trouble and dire circumstance.
I was a skeptic once. Until I saw Donna Darkwolf's Will and Mind in motion

I Prefer Magick - by Donna Darkwolf Vos

13 April 2013
Magick – or the potential of magick is all around us if we look for it.
But we have to look. Like prospectors looking for gold. Gold does not leap out of the earth and into your pocket.

You must seek, you must work, you must pay attention.
There is nothing damaging about a closed door, but people often damage themselves beating against it.

Donna Darkwolf in Her Magick Faery Garden

Donna Darkwolf in Her Magick Faery Garden
A force of Nature herself, Donna Darkwolf loved her garden, loved being on wine estates, loved gazing at the Ocean, loved being out in the deserts of Egypt and Arizona and Namibia.
Sighing, wistfully: "Oh! The beauteous wonder". 
Then turning to me excitedly... Brightly child-like:
"It is oh so, SO MAGICKAL!"

The human yearning for intimacy may take them into places they have no right to be.
They do not know what it means to be intimate with themselves.
How can they be truly intimate with another person?
Oh we may feel sorry for them. Try to help them as far as it is right to do so.
But in the end it is that beating against the door that makes people look at themselves.

Intimacy only comes to those who understand that. Or who have not lost the maturity of child-hood.
That self-contained freedom of child-hood.
Other wise there is always that sense of loss over something that was never theirs in the first place.

The dissatisfaction that surrounds most peoples existence is the not knowing of this one simple fact.
There is the belief that that the world of longing is the real world.

While the real world is always just one microsecond ahead of us
So then what is real?

That which you saw or that which is about to be born...

And this is where the Magick is discovered!
In the anticipation of that next microsecond.
That Moment
You are conciously and spiritually prepared to be able to insert your Will, into the moment.
Like a lever into a crack. And then to exert the force of your Will into that microsecond.
Forcing all your Spirit, your Energy into that Fulcrum

Changing the Moment as it unfolds. Re-directing its course - thus forever altering the outcome.


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