"Unknown-Beauty" composed by Philippe Briand & Gabriel Saban. For Revolt Production Music. Album: 'Infinity' 2016.
Here we are. Landing gracefully on The Wings of Horus. (Logo on wing-tip). "The Winged God of The Sky"

Mission "Egypt" - with Donna Darkwolf

The Egyptian name of Horus means:
"The Falcon who soars above all the other inhabitants of the land"
The only airline company on The Planet to have a 4000 year-old logo.

This is Donna's music I was listening to on my MP3 player as I marched across the hot desert sand of Gizeh - for our Appointment with Eternity.
To be at the centre of the North Face of the Great Pyramid of Khufu.
Exactly at Mid-day. On our Wedding Anniversary. 
There. To cast the Ashes of my Hero, into the Eternal warm breeze.
Upon the Timeless Sands of the Egypt, that Donna Darkwolf cherished so dearly.

Donna and I Arrive in Cairo.
Cairo: Population > 20,901,000.That's almost half the population of South Africa.
We have been decending for 6 or 7 minutes... and it is just built-up environment as far as you can see.

When Donna Darkwolf heard this music coming from my studio... she rushed in - excited:
"Oh, Franco! This sounds like MY EGYPT!"
"Bold and Mysterious! And full of the Unexpected!
When I die I want this playing at my Farewell!"

HORUS - The Winged God. The Vindicated and Unvanquished.
Donna came back from one of her trips to Egypt with a replica plaque of this 'Horus', which hung in our entrance hallway.

I never imagined that one day I would travel to Egypt - and see it for myself.
This magnifient, ancient carving on the first pylon at the Temple of Isis,  in the ruins on Philae Island in the Aswan Low Dam.
The Temple of Isis was originally located upon the Island of Philae,  which meant "The End"  in the ancient Egypt language, marking the southernmost boundary of ancient Egypt.

In this composition you'll hear what I wrote to Donna Darkwolf, as the music played:

"Mia Bella Carissima Donna Strega

Oh listen... the Advancing Inevitability of 'The March of Time' -
And listen to those moments Tick Away -
Forever gone
For Life itself, is the Thief
Taking everything you have
So Run!... Fly!... Waste no second!...

You do not have a 'Life-Time'
SECONDS are all you have...
More precious than all the wealth in the world
For, when all those seconds have fled
No wealth can buy them back

Life and Time are bound together
We exist somewhere Between...
"We thought we had Enough Time"
And, "Time is running out"
We are either at the front of the wave
Or we are being passed by...
And, Ultimately, facing Oblivion

So, my Love, let us waste no Time.
Each other IS ALL we have
And the precious moments we share Together
Are the Only Moments we are ever going to have
In this Life-Time Together

'Time' is an illusion created by the human mind
For if Mind did not exist - there would be no 'Time'
There would be just a vast Emptiness - like Space."

"The only thing that WE will ever Find
That makes this Emptiness bearable
IS EACH OTHER... Hold Fast..."

Mission Requirements / Parameters / Risk Assessment

So you believe you signed up for the Mission?

Nice phrase – until you find out what Mission Means

Mission? – The sending could very well mean that the messenger will die

Before the advent.

Mission is that part of living a Life

That forever separates  some from others

The doers from the audience
The Alert Pilots  from the unprepared
The Heroes from the ordinary
The Angels from everything else

Put 3 men atop of 180 tons of rocket fuel and pray

Ten years of work followed by 7 seconds of sheer terror

How do you equate that to your personal Life?

And Sorrow?

Donna Darkwolf: Isis - The Guardian at the Gate of Ishtar
A painting did in 1978 - Imagining a Hero such as Donna Darkwolf
I imagined her all my life. Then one day - we were wedded.


There is no Sorrow here

Equate that

At best – all you saw was a movie about Bravery

Or read a story about Eternal Love

What you have to see is the Nature


Donna Darkwolf is a force of nature

Like the wind and the sea we confront today

Alive and moving

There is NO 'person', NO 'woman', NOT EVEN a 'human being'.
It is as watching the sun move.
Or seeing leaves and grass flutter in a breeze.
Seeing clouds build, and then the rain falls.

"IT"... what ever "IT" is - just HAPPENS -
And all you can do is bear witness to "IT".
A Force of Nature.
Unknowable. Unfathomable. All-Encompassing...

We say: 'IT is raining'. OR 'It is cold'. OR 'IT is hot'.
Without any knowledge or reference, of or to "IT"
"IT" happens. Unavoidable. Unstoppable...

Just as The Donna Darkwolf, that we all know

An Enigma inside a Mystery
That only appears behind you in your Mirror. And vanishes
That you only hear when a Key Turns in the Lock...
'KLIK!' And here YOU are!


If you conquer your Fear – you conquer your Death

You saw one facet of a cut stone. Once

I watched her cut each facet

Break her nails on that grind stone

Each facet - cut perfect

The blood of her fingers lubricating that Spinning Stone
For All these years

I am the Keeper of Donna Darkwolf's Ashes

But what does it all mean?

Donna Darkwolf is the last Witch in my life. I can seek no other.
There is no "Eight" in my Destiny.
Seven is as far as 'Destiny' will allow me.
So, I have been told - by two Witches before Donna, and Donna herself.

However, to you Witches - who are Donna Darkwolf's colleagues -
I say : Be greatful for her Teachings - and never forget her forthright Will!

I am the only soldier in Donna's life
Her Soldier
"MINE is the The Honour".  I swore to Donna Darkwolf on our Wedding Day:
"I am Soldier.
I Will Serve All My Days - In the Service Our Love, my Priestess.
My Witch.
My Shiny Wife.

The Donna Darkwolf"

I still do so Serve: Here Is Our Story...

She is the bravest Soul

I have ever met – Steel for Steel

You can steal my heart. And steal my soul.

And then all that will be left is The Steel.

Smoothe. Shiny


My Champion. My Hero

Seven seconds is how far she lives from us.

It Is Us Against The Sky


Mystery Begins. "Clock is Running!" The Game Commences... "SE7EN is Broken Free!" SHE'S UNLEASHED!

"Sierra. Hotel. India. Tango" > SHIT! "Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot" > Wot the F*K!? "Thin Line! Thin Line! Get Tiny!... We have In-Coming! We have In-bounds Everywhere...
November Oscar Seven! November Oscar Seven!

Eyes wide! Stay Frosty! This is is Not A Drill! You have an Inbound Target on your flank!

What the F*K!? SE7EN has been missing for a while.
Yet now, as I commence on My Pilgrimage to take Donna Darkwolf to Egypt - SE7EN is back.
What is she playing at? What is she thinking? She sure is determined. I'll give her that.
And she is Relentless. UNSTOPPABLE!

"SE7EN holding trail at Outer Range!". She's shadowing us! Or perhaps shepherding us! Stay Frosty!

Donna Darkwolf's Cremation Certificate number is : 7767

When you click thru' to see the larger images NOTICE the Time-Stamps.

It Starts with the Serial Number...

77... Almost! Here It Starts...
07:29:22. Parked on WOLF's left.

F*K! Donna's Number in Reverse?

Donna Darkwolf's Cremation Certificate is 7767.
She must be just waking up... 6676?
And Iterated 6's?
07:29:26. Parked on WOLF's right

777. BINGO!

Donna is awake Now! - The Game Commences!
07:35:43. As I get out of the Under-ground.
"777". AND, if you leave out '5', "7767".
Her Cremation Certificate. Donna is watching me. . .

777 Again! Ah C'mon! Donna!

07:38:30. Leaving Cape Town.
Donna has now hit her stride. . .

And Donna Deals The Cards...

08:41:33. Parking at the Airport. As I leave WOLF, Donna deals a Kiss?

776... Well. A Reminder.

08:42:21. As I leave the Underground parking.
Three numbers out of four aint bad.

Not Just Registration Plates...

I grab the first rogue trolly that I see. And... Why Not?!
0043? 4 + 3 = 7... Okay! Donna IS determined. . .

International Departure Hall

Momentary Relief! BUT. Not for long!

Emirates EK-771. Close enough!

So the two flights have three SEVEN'S between them

And if I had not booked Emirates

I would not be flying in a Boeing 777

Off to Egypt!

Finally. I have had breakfast and lunch and gotten quite "Lit Up". 08:45 to 18:00. Now My Hajj Begins.

Circling Over the Pyramids

BONUS! Although the flight from Dubai comes in from the south-west, the runway approach has to come in from the south-east. Over Donna's destination

Lining Up for Runway CAI 5-Right

So the plane make a wide turn around the Pyramids.
It could also be a bit of P.R. But a Bonus!
Click to see Donna's final destination.

Winging It Over River Nile

The flight of an Angel is never interrupted...

Ah! Airport Chaos in Cairo

Quick smoke-break after a 4 hour flight from Dubai.

Novotel Cairo International

Beautiful 4* Hotel. Great service. Excellent food.
If I was rich, I would live here forever.
Wonderful staff

A-a-nd... My Room Number IS???

YES... girls and boys! 2 + 5 = 7
Why Not? Donna has been following me for 2 days to ensure I Make the November 1 Mid-Day dead-line.
"This is not a fukken holiday. Soldier!
We have an appointment we CANNOT MISS!"

A Celebration - The Witchy Glass

I immediately pour my self a fine scotch in one of Donna's Witchy Glasses, and toast her on our safe arrival.
Tomorrow is Our Big Day. I have to be at the Great Pyramid for our Mid-Day appointment.

Automated Monorail

I chose Novtel because at a push - I could walk to the airport - and not be stranded in Cairo on my last day because of some taxi snarl up. The monorail is for shuttling passengers between Terminals 1 and 3.

Stella Beer. Cleopatra Cigarettes

We're definitely in Egypt. Egyptian beer and a cigarette out in the hotel lawns before dinner.

Mission Accomplished

A stress filled journey - but I made it in time with 7 minutes to spare as you will see in the next chapter.

Donna with the Sphinx at Last

My only photograph of the Sphinx lined up with the pyramid and Donna.
The Names above the Pyramids are the stars that make up Orion's Belt, in the Orion Constellation.
They point to Sirius, where Donna now voyages.

Lunch at "Pyramid Restaurant"

The ONLY restaurant in the world where you can eat This Close to the Pyramids. Booking EARLY Advised! It is about 2*. Service Good. Food.Excellent. No Alcohol!
Just a coincidence that Donna is in the alignment.

Sunset Over the Pyramids

My last photograph of Donna's resting place at the Great Pyramid. Sitting out here drinking a scotch from Donna's Witchy Glass in about 29 degrees, and a warm breeze.

Donna's 7th and Final Voyage

Donna had travelled to Egypt six times in her life.
While every trip was different - they all included a pilgrimage to the Great Pyramid.
There. To walk around it and marvel at it.
We were to have travelled together. things changed - her last request was that I take her to Egypt. Donna at the North Face of the Pyramid of Khufu.

Donna Amongst the Wealthy

Donna's hair is interred in an air-tight waterproof container, along with an etched steel plaque, identical to the one on her memorial bench. And a photo of her, encapsulated in plastic. So its all going to be there for several hundred years. I have seen a lot of these cairns around. They seem to remain unmolested. Donna, in the mastabas of the ancient wealthy elite.

Tourist-Built Stone Cairns

On the pop-up image I have inserted a Coca-Cola can for comparative proportion. Some people were out in the desert sands of Saqharrafor quite some time. These are "ambitious projects".

Au Revoir. But Not Goodbye

Departing Cairo. Runway CAI 5-Right  is for landing from the South.
The SAME runway is designated Runway 23 Left - taking off from the North end of the runway.
I think, an Egypt Tourism marketing ploy to ensure that tourist see The Pyramids on their departure.
The plane could depart on Runway 5 Right and fly direct to Dubai. Taking off from 23 Left means having to cirle around to face the directon of the destination - which is East.

That said, I was given the opportunity to see the resting place of Donna's hair and Ashes, for one final time.
Shukren, EgyptAir.

Because The Eye of Horus is the ancient Egyptian symbol of the Moon, Donna
had explained to me... when she was born in February 1962, the Moon was
moving out of Aquarius and into Pisces. The two star signs she had been born
on the Cusp of.

Serendepity, Coincidence or Divine Intervention

All of them. Or none. This happened, Anyway...
On my return from Egypt, I went to Blouberg Beach to scatter the Sand of Egypt that I had brought back with me, at the spot where I had cast Donna's Ashes the previous year.

As I knelt to pour the sand out - here was this partial shell - The Eye of Horus.

The Eye of Horus became a sacred symbol of healing, wholeness, regeneration, and spiritual protection in ancient Egypt.

Because of this, this Symbol was often carved into amulets and jewelry made of precious metals, porcelain, lapis lazuli and wood, to ensure protection and health of the wearers and to attract prosperity and wisdom.

The Eye of Horus was also carved into funerary monuments to provide the Soul of the departed safe passage to the underworld and the afterlife, by warding off malevolent forces.

Which was why she had had her Circle of the African Moon logo contain the symbols of the Waxing and the Waning of the Moon.

Remarkable Coincidence

The Eye of Horus provides protection in a peaceful, defensive way, deflecting evil forces. Which is why she had had this mosaic fabricated of the Symbol, hanging in the hall way of our front door.
Donna had brought a papyrus painting from Egypt - of The Eye of Horus, which hung on the wall of our lounge.
And she had The Eye of Horus, fabricated in gold, to wear as a pendant.

One Wish Left to Fulfill for Donna Darkwolf

Donna had Three Last Wishes regarding what I must do with her Ashes.

First - to cast some of her ashes at the green light beacon in Kalk Bay - and some at Blouberg Beach. Where her father cast her mothers Ashes, and she her fathers.

Second - to take some of her Ashes, along with a loom of her hair to the Great Pyramid. There to scatter her Ashes and bury her hair in those Timeless Sands.

Third -  to keep some of her Ashes aside, so that they may accompany my own Ashes one day. When I too, finally travel to The Undiscovered Country, to meet with her once again...

Her Ashes now reside in this Lindt Heart Tin. My last Valentine Gift to Donna.
With EIGHT Zircon stones in it - for her Mercedes WOLF's "888" Registration.
A VERY PRICEY, custom-made, little Tin. Fit for my Arch-Priestess.

Her Ashes will travel with me when I go. Like the last scene in "Bucket List". )))

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