"A Summer Kiss from My Blue Eyed Girl"
From Donna's Kitchen Bossa Nova Collection.
Donna Darkwolf - Dances me to the end of love around our kitchen.
The pasta is boiling for a summer pasta salad. The table is set.
The candles are burning on our table.....
While our passion burns and boils around each other, as we dance.
Oh I have to Love Her!
My Blue Eyed Girl

Painting: Jack Vettriano.

Even though she is sitting in her office dealing with her e-mails, and I am in my studio mere feet away, I felt prompted to write Donna a love poem - inspired by this particular song, as it was playing.
And a Lunch Invitation.

I knew when she had read this - because I heard her joyous laughter... and she came rushing in to my studio to kiss me, and say: "Yes! It Fits!"

Oh! My Blue Eyed Girl - Donna Darkwolf

from:  Franco morenofranco.design@gmail.com
to:  Donna darkwolf@netactive.co.za
date:  Dec 30, 2016, 10:44AM
subject:  You’re my Blue Eyed Girl

Mia Donna Darkwolf. So Dreamy... You are my Love Potion Number 9, taking effect on this last day of the year... the day before my birthday.

I cannot recall what you were talking about. Nor can you.

But I can see the corners of your mouth. I can see right thru’ that eye into your brain, into your mind, into your very soul... Donna Ragazza

And today… just like every day since I found you, I can know that you are the mirror of my spirit...
I look and I see
Forever in Your Eyes.
Summer and Winter. Autumn and Spring

Here! Donna Ragazza Mia! Try this on! See if it Fits!

Oh –
My blue-eyed girl
I dream of the touch of your hands

Oh –
My blue-eyed girl
I dream of the kiss of your lips

Come –
Wont you come away with me
Please come away with me
I will take you to the sea
Take you dancing there
I want to see in your eyes
To hear you laugh and smile

Come away with me
Come away with me
We’ll make love by the sea
Our love for you and me

Oh –
My blue-eyed girl
I long for your passionate kiss

Oh –
My blue-eyed girl
To hear my name on your lips

Come –
Come away with me
Come see the moon with me
Take you dreaming there
Feel your heart beat near
So near so near to mine

A Summer Kiss
From my blue-eyed girl
As we dance and swirl
With my arms around my blue-eyed girl.
Oh –
My blue-eyed girl
Love –
My blue-eyed girl

I have so many things I want to tell you, my love, so many...

We have our whole lives

In Our Tao of Love
Everyday you alter the Shape of my Soul
Everyday, I alter Yours

Forever My Blue Eyed Girl

Can I take you out to lunch, Donna Strega?
Please say: "YES".

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