Donna Darkwolf Walking in Fields of Gold

“Pretty Donna" performed by the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra. From our collection of dinner music.
And if I regarded all the girls and women in my life as "Flowers", Donna is by far the most pretty and dramatic.

1 September 2009. Donna Darkwolf Walking in Fields of Gold.
A water-color painting I did from a photo I took of Donna during ur drive from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Almost Donna Darkwolf. I Painted her for 40 Years. Then I Met Her. And Married Her

An Ageless Beauty

As an artist - I am free to fantasize and create my own World. There were women in many of my paintings. They were all different.
Yet there was one who appeared constantly, and whether by accident or subliminal process this imperious / imperial visage would emerge from the brush strokes.

The patrician, aquiline nose, the high arching brows, the well defined cheek-bones all describing a woman of royalty.
Her slightly up-turned Arabic eyes, sometimes, with a dreamy look to them, others with a fixed gaze on the viewer.

Sometimes she appears distant and aloof, other times provocative

And her Mouth!? What a Mouth...
This is a mouth of secret, hidden mirth.
The corners are always just another muscle twitch away from a little smile.
People who talk about the Mona Lisa smile, don’t know anything...
The Cherub Cat is only a term in the Angel Tiger.
They don’t know anything – until they have seen this mouth.
The lips being what some fashion artists refer to as “bee-stung”.
A mouth that can lift at one corner, with a knowing, side-glanced smile… in a fashion I have not often seen repeated.
A mouth that can make a small moue of disappointment,
That will cause any man to change his mind about whatever it was he had done.
Or was about to do. Or wouldn’t do.

The mouth of Hotly Promised surrender, The Mouth of Utter Desire.
The mouth of Scintillating Sarcasm and Dire Wrath.
The Mouth of Saintly Benediction
And the Voice of All Dark Fears Born.
The Mouth of Love’s Love, of Love.

That Mouth!

Donna as a Wanton Sex Kitten

Pink 1959 Cadillac Eldorado

1970. A Promotional Work-piece for my Portfolio, as I set out as a Free-lance Illustrator. I was 17.
Just finishing high school. A face I saw so many times in my dreams.

Donna as My Lady in Black

Lady in Black

1971. Uriah Heep releases their album "Salisbury".
It is the fourth track of the Album.
A philosophical examination that informs us that evil cannot be overcome by evil itself.
In a year, I will be a gunship Flight Lieutenant, commanding a Flight in a country no one even remembers.
I Fought for Her. My Lady.

Donna as My Butterfly Girl

Borboletta in Her Secret Garden

1974. I did a lot of Fantasy and Sci-Fi Art on commission. Hence this Butterfly Girl. Inspired by Santana's album Borboletta, which is Spanish for "Butterfly"
I used to meet her in my dreams in a sunlit garden.
Not a fantasy. A MEMORY. I Understood... now.
'Canto de los Flores',  which is playing now, guided my imagination - and SHE drifted into my life.

Donna as My Fantasy Girl

Donna Darkwolf in Thought

1979. Something for myself - for a change.
I painted many girls and women in my Fantasy and
Sci-Fi Art... But this one kept appearing in my dreams
I had many long, lucid conversations with her...

Maria Juanita

1977. A Marijuana Advert. What dope-smoking hippies dream up while they are stoned.
E-mail me if you want a Print-Ready File. 30 x 40 CM.

Donna as My Goat-Footed Woman

Goat-Footed Women

1981. For my Collection. I am a Capricorn. A Goat.
This "explains" HER.
I was born 1 1 52. She - 24 2 62.
Ten years, one month later

Donna's Loving Phone Conversations

Hearts Empire

1982. Twenty years after Donna was born.
A Self-Promo Piece which I still have.

Donna's Mysterious Garden

Her Garden Galaxy

1984. I could always tell in my dreams if she was happy or sad - never imagining that one day I wold be looking at the reality of my Donna Cara Bella.


1986. I imagined a drink that TASTED like Donna.
She looks like Sophia Lauren... SO...

Camille - The Pretty Witch

Camille - The Pretty Witch

1977. 30 years before I met Donna. There was someone - another Witch almost like. . .
Read the story

Donna in My Fancies

Ypres Cathedral

1981. Serenity amidst Disaster.
The Peace after the Storm

Donna Rising out The Book of Spells

The Witch in The Book

1982. 'Donna Rising out The Book of Spells'.
Once you turn the Page. Her Dance Starts
There is no stopping her. She has ARRIVED.

Donna La Contessa

La Contessa

1991. Commissioned for a perfume advert.
A blonde Donna?

Donna La Diabola

La Diabola del Dormas

1983. The she-devil in my sleep.

Isis - Guardian at the Ishtar Gate

1971. Before I went into the Army. I was reading a history book about Isis and the Gate of Ishtar.

The Witch and The Soldier

I painted this in 1974. Donna was just Twelve.
I had just come out of the Army.

Donna Darkwolf Christmas Witch

Coincidental. An Illustration for a chapter in Donna's book - and it just happened that when I was doing it, Christmas was on the horizon.

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