"Palladio". Performed by Camille et Julie Berthollet.
A dramatic violin symphony befitting my dramatically beautiful Donna Darkwolf.

Donna Darkwolf preparing for a Wiccan summer festival? NO!!! We are going to have a picnic dinner in our garden.

Donna Darkwolf getting ready to lay out our picnic dinner in her Faery Garden.
I just want to dash over - and "assault" her One More Time...
But we have been "assaulting" each other all afternoon.
Hmmm! After the picnic - maybe???

BUT!!! Back to the stove, for me. Such a sad life I have...
Being a "Five Star Chef" for this Witch is based on her knowledge of my culinary repertoire.
Tonight she has suggested - (meaning demanded) " 'Afdal taeam ladayk ALTURKIA!"
"Your finest TURKISH Meze Platter!" Donna can speak some Arabic after 6 visits to Egypt.

And she's OFF! To put on some Middle-Eastern music...
So now I have to contend with a different SORT of "assault" - Cookingus Interruptus...
Where the chef uses his free moments of waiting for cooking to happen, to dance this laughing, giggling Dervish around our kitchen.

I have to break-of to inform this woman - in my best snotty-superior English 'Butlerese':
"M'Lady... Dinner is now READY, to be served. If M'Lady would be so kind as to brrring the Wine!"

"Could I Have Done Any Different?"
by Donna Darkwolf

from:  Donna darkwolf@netactive.co.za
to:  moreno franco morenofranco.design@gmail.com
date: Apr 08, 2017, 09:07 PM
subject: What could I have done any different?

Tell me my franco
What could I have done any different?
Than this?

I cannot perform the Shape of Lies. I am Donna Darkwolf.

I had two choices
With Valour – or as a coward

And YOU know I cannot kneel.
Some sort of affliction between my brain and my legs.

The same affliction that prevents me from bowing my head
And looking down

The very affliction that causes my eyes to focus intently on that
Which interests me.
Or Arouses my displeasure.

Could you imagine me submitting?

I have not submitted in four thousand years.

I am not going to submit now

You have to live with this Witch in your life
We have done this before
We do it again. Now.

Look at my eyes

These are the eyes of prescient fore-sight and wistful Dreams.
The eyes that gaze upon you with My Love of You.

These are not the Eyes of submission or Fear.

These are the eyes of visitation, dread, and ending it all.

This is my final determination.



Clear me a path, Soldier

Make my Way

Your Immortal Beloved

Donna Darkwolf xxxxxxx

PS. Your idea of making a picnic dinner in my faery garden was so wonderful, and thoughtful. nice to not be out in public
Thank you my dear minion
As a reward I will take you for breakfast at Ons Huisie Restaurant.

Bring the WOLF to my door in the morning. I will look pretty.
You will look sharp. XXXXXXX

I am forever resigned to the fact that I am ENSORCELLED.
In the words of Jimi Hendrix: "FOXY LADY... What ever it is -
The girl put a spell on me."

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