1st Anniversary - With My Donna Darkwolf Sophia, My Beautiful

“Imprevu” by Liza Minelli (1965). Donna's excited moments always reminded me of this song.

1st Anniversary - With My Donna Darkwolf Sophia, My Beautiful

Mission: Outward Grace. 14 November 2008.

Donna always moved with such a grace and dignity, as befitted a Wiccan Arch-Priestess.

Except when she was preparing for a Pagan festival or Wiccan ritual. Then she would be excitedly rushing about - full of joy and excited, happy energy energy energy.

The "Sophia"  is an allusion to my observation that Donna sometimes reminds me of Sophia Loren. In her movies such as: "Mambo Italiano", "Houseboat", "Sunflower, "Marriage Italian Style", "Boccaccio '70", "Two Nights with Cleopatra", and of course - "Too Bad She's Bad".

Turn me loose, Imprevu
Let me laugh and make love, Imprevu
Let me run through the world
Flinging popcorn and pearls
I'll make spring an all year thing

Let's take off, Imprevu
To a place where there's nothing to do
But play gypsy guitars
While we ride shooting stars
Let's make spring an all year thing

So let's love, Imprevu
I'm something new, Imprevu
I'm a new kind of female
To make you feel he-male

Clear through and we'll live Imprevu
Doing anything we want to do
We'll call every month May
And get carried away
And run off
And elope every day
We'll make spring an all year thing

Imprevu - By Coty

When I mentioned that she reminded me of Lee Sanders, singing the song that was initially written for a Coty TV commercial, Donna told me that Imprevu had been one of her mother's favorite perfumes.

Donna had kept her mothers perfume bottle, all these years.

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