Sunday Lunch with Donna Darkwolf

Sunday Lunch at Harbour House with Donna Darkwolf in Kalk Bay

Mission: Mirth and Joy

How Donna Darkwolf's Ashes came to be cast at three different locations in Cape Town, out at Matjiesfontein, and at the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

See that red and white harbour beacon at the end of the sea-wall. In her younger days when she was a student at the Bible Institute of South Africa, almost across the road from the harbour, she and some of the other students would go there for a Friday Night Piss-up.

That one - or the Green Beacon where her Ashes were finally scattered a few months later. Well, not all her ashes...
She expressed her wish to have her Ashes scattered here. Which caught me by surprise - because a few meals ago - at Ons Huisie Restaurant, on Blouberg Beach, she had epressed the wish to have her Ashes scatterd there... on the beach she used to visit with her father, and where she scattered his Ashes.

Which how most of Donna Darkwolf's Ashes got to be scattered on both sides of the Peninsula.
"Ter be shure, Lass! Ter be Shure!"

The Red Beacon is the where all Donna's personal effects; hair brushes, pink mobile phone cover, Starry Shirt, bank cards,
All her photographs that did not have her in them, her slippers, her spectacles and sun glasses...
All followed her into the deep ocean.

By her request, some of her Ashes were scattered from a Huey Gunship over Durbanville where we used to own a house.
Some of her Ashes were cast in the river that runs through the Lord Milner Hotel Estate in Matjiesfontein, where we used
to occasionally honeymoon
And some of her Ashes mingle with the Timeless Sands of Egypt, at the north Face of the Great Pyramid.

All the little "Missions"  she sent me to perform on her behalf because: "you are my beautiful husband who will solemnly honour your
Witchy Donna Strega Wife, in true style... AND! you are also my faithful, personal MINION!!!",
  which of course always leads
to clinking of our wine glasses, and her merry, cackling laughter.

In fact we some times joked about how I would deliver her Eulogy, because she enjoyed my always-surprising turns of phrase
and witicisms that kept her in stitches of breathless laughter: "I am sure that you will have some funny things to say about me and us".

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