WOLF and I for breakfast at Donna's bench on Blouberg Beach

“WOLFS 160K Adventure” by Unknown. Another one of Donna Darkwolf's favorite long-distance driving tunes.
WOLF and I make 160 000Km. 10:03 on 09 09 2021

Donna Darkwolf's WOLF and I reach 160 000 Km in our Endless Adventure

Mission: Immaculate
Donna Darkwolf loved to race her WOLF. WOLF has performed beautifully all these years - from November 2007 to today, 09 September 2021. One of Us.

Some of Donna's Ashes are encapsulated within WOLF's Star so that she travels with the winds of Our Journey. Still, One of Us!

The Mercedes A170 Avantgarde, with a racing gearbox, is remarkably fast and nimble.
Most of WOLF's country driving has been at 130kmh. Sometimes on long, open stretches. . . . 170 or 180kmh.

After a long drive, Donna would be parking WOLF, saying: "How was THAT!?"  Always the first thing she said. Exhilirated. "I love WOLF! He's One of Us!"

160 000 on WOLF's Odometer

40,075 kilometers is the distance around the Earth at the Equator.
WOLF and I have circumnavigated the Planet FOUR TIMES!

Without a single accident, and only two tyre punctures. Wow!

Blouberg Beach Road

I had to pull over to get a pic of WOLF's odometer. Here about five minutes from Ons Huisie Restaurant, where I am heading for breakfast.

A Little Surprise at Donna's Bench

Some one has left this pretty clay tablet. I will glue it to her bench tomorrow.
I often find ribbons or flowers tied to Donna's Bench.

Other Previous Offerings

People leave all sorts of things at Donna Darkwolf's bench. Small bunches of flowers tied on with ribbons. Small bunches of wild herbs tied on with string.
I have found a glass of wine with a ribbon tied around the stem. A blue silk scarf. Little porcelain or brass ornaments tied on with a ribbon or string.
I leave them there. Returning later, to find one or two gone, and replaced by some other Votive Offering.

To do any of these, a person must have discovered Donna' bench, visited her website, and returned later with a prepared Gift.
I can only imagine these to be Pagan, Wiccan or some other Spiritually moved individuals.
I do not see this happening on any of the other benches.

The Inevitable Attraction of Wonder and Mystery? Perhaps.

Seven Stones at Sunset - A Magickal Tribute

14 August 2012. I arrived at Donna's bench.
Someone had left SEVEN stones in a row.

I can only imagine that someone had been on Donna's website and read about all the Coincidences of 777.

Heart-Shaped Shells

Someone left a pile of shells in the shape of a heart.
So I set them in resin. . . .

Sirius and Orion's Belt!?

This enterprising spirit must have read Donna's Voyage to Sirius- in order to have laid out this "constellation".

And then, There Are Disappointments. . . .

When I arrived to mount the Medallion on Donna's bench - I discovered that someone had stolen the last two Egyptian coins  I had brought back from my Mission to Egypt - to honour my Shiny Wife.

Oh well! Perhaps they need the Energy. I hope it brings them some of Donna's magick.