Donna Darkwolf representing Spring

“Spirit of Spring" from Donna's Quiet Collection - Donna Darkwolf representing Spring.
I included this because Donna's music reminds me of Donna's tranquil grace. And the poem reminds me of her Spirit and energy.

Donna Darkwolf - My Spirit of Spring

Spirit of the rainbow zone,
Of the fresh and breezy morn,--
For ever hovers round thy throne,
On wings of light upborne,
Eternal youth is in thy train
With rapture-beaming eyes,
And Beauty, with her magic chain,
And Hope, that laughs at present pain,
Points up to cloudless skies.

Spirit of love, of life, and light!
Each year we hail thy birth--
The day-star from the grave of night
That set to rise in skies more bright,--
To bless the sons of earth
With leaf--and bud--and perfumed flower,
Still deck the barren sod;
In thee we trace a higher power,
In thee we claim a brighter dower,
The day-spring of our God!

Writer: Susanna Moodie
Spirit Of The Spring

“Below the level of tears, we transform pain into wings that will fly for so many years, beyond the generations and into horizons yet unseen, that become part of our DNA and the inheritance of Souls”.

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