Donna Darkwolf's White Witch, Lady of Shalott, embarked on the Boat of Dreams
                    to Sail the River of Time

This mysterious musical arrangement is from Donna's collection. She once told me that when ever she listened to it, she imagined the Ladye of Shalott. Drifting.
This is a print Donna had hanging in our guest bathroom.“The Ladye of Shalott” by John William Waterhouse.
She referred to it as "The White Witch embarked on the Boat of Dreams to Sail the River of Time".
('Ladye' is the Medieval spelling of 'Lady')

The Ladye of Shalott held a magickal appeal for that little girl in the bath. So long ago.
Her mind accompanied the White Witch on a 'Voyage of Mystery and Discovery' until eventually Donna became The White Witch herself.

Awakening of Donna Darkwolf to Become The Voyager on The River of Time

Donna grew up with this picture. It had belonged to her mother.
It hung in the bathroom that had been Donna's bathroom all through her childhood and teen years until she left for college.
And became her bathroom again, when she eventually returned home.

In later years after her parents had passed on, Donna moved into the master bedroom.
The en-suite bathroom layout of the master bedroom did not have a lot free wall-space.
So, sometimes Donna would use the now guest bathroom, just so she could lie in the bath and gaze at the strange red-haired girl, and remember all her flights of fancy.
About what was happening in that moment of the painting.

Often, I would be laying back against the bath, and Donna would be laying back against me. We surrounded by acres of bubbles.

We would be sipping on our wine, and Donna would tell me fantastical tales.

All the stories she had imagined while she was bathing, since she was five years old.

Why the THREE candles? Why is only ONE burning? Why is her quilt trailing in the water?
What is the story of the FOUR Knights?
And who is the ONE man outside the castle gate?

Who are the partially hidden people in the first 'Shield'?

Did you notice the TWO birds at the extreme left?

Or that there are SIX ‘Shields’ on the quilt? Based on their spacing. There is One 'Shield' partly obscurred by the reeds. Look! You can see it!

The ‘Shields’ are clearly Medieval. Celtic perhaps. The Maiden looks Celtic. Her style of dress is Celtic.

And, on the cushion behind her, you can just make out a Blue Dragon in flight. Is that the Crest of her House?

What is the meaning of the Single Red Oakleaf on her dress? It is the only decoration.

Her left hand lays limp, palm-up in her lap. That with the expresion on her face suggests "SURRENDER", or "RESIGNATION".
But to what? Anguish? OR DESTINY!? I think, DESTINY....

"Look! She is slipping free of the surly chain of Mundane Existence,
She is FREE at last - to embark on a Voyage of Mystery and Discovery",
  murmured Donna wistfuly, to me.

And turning to kiss me, saying: "Just as I Am".

The Donna Darkwolf, at age 8, in the bath. The 'Ladye of Shalott' print hung over the taps of the bath. I can only imagine the impression the mysterious image must have had on the young, head-strong Donna.

Why does the boat have some Viking influenced design to its prow?
And see what those letters say?
The Lay-dEE  of Shalott. With an 'E'.

Where do the steps from the landing lead to?

There are FIVE steps? I just quite make them out.

Why is there no SEVEN? Or, are they there and we are just unable to pick them out.

What is the purpose of the Crucifix in the prow?

And what is that red glow in the lantern? It cannot be a flame.

Flames burn vertically. Not at an angle.

She said: "Alfred, Lord Tennyson's poem is quite hideously sad. When I discovered it, I wanted to vomit. Thankfully I am strong-willed - and killed his poem with my memories of MY flights of fancy".

I urged Donna to write the stories out. It would make for a wonderful childrens fairy-tale book, and I would do the illustrations. Sadly, we were too busy with LIFE!

I can write all of this from Memory. I have listened to my Shiny Wife go into detail about all of these things she observed - so many times.
I joked with Donna; "The Witch gets to listen to a bedtime story: 'The Art of War', written by an ancient Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu. Read to her by a Soldier.
The Soldier gets to listen to a bath-time story of impossible love and yearning. Told to him, as a first-hand account, by a beautiful Witch. . ."
Who was Witness to the unfolding events.

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