“Quiet Romance" - by Waltz Tango. She often referred to this track: "I want to dance . . . Let us do the Waltz of Two Wolves".
One of Donna's nostalgic after-dinner time dance waltz melodies - from her music collection.

Slow, measured steps. Like a Wolf on the prowl. Closing in on the prey. No Excitement. But the wound-up anticipation. The Prize is There!
Slow an' easy. No rush. Just move in - slow and easy. The last ten metres will be the hardest. Get Ready . . .

Illustration "The Romantic Waltz" by: Thais M. Y. Kanno or "Tatujapa". Published: July 17, 2017 - Deviant Art.
The day I gave Donna a last Farewell kiss before she went in to The Fire.
The beginning of our Persistent Coincidences. I found this image on the evening of July 17, 2017. Se7en days after her departure for The Undiscovered Country.

Donna Darkwolf and I - Our Quiet Romance - A Waltz of Two Wolves

Partial extract from one of Donna's many of Donna's love missives to me.

from: Donna darkwolf@netactive.co.za
to: moreno franco morenofranco.design@gmail.com
date: Apr 13, 2016, 8:40 AM
subject: the day before you came

This is a story of The Witch and The Soldier.
A True Love Story. By Donna Darkwolf Vos.

My life has two parts

Before you found me

And, after you found me

The day before you came, life was a tumult of events, crazy happenings, hecticness, travelling to egypt, america, india, france and egypt six times more
unplanned adventures into drunkeness, outright stupidity even.

After you found me, it was as if I had escaped a stormy ocean, and sailed into the calm bay of an island in a million miles of sea.

You always ask me: "Strega Mia? Have I told you today that I Love you?"

Of course I have to reply, AS ALWAYS: "No. You have Not!"

JUST so I can hear hear you mutter: "Do not worry. I will".

"You Had Better!"  is always my response. So funny! I always have to have a chuckle

Tomorrow, is a public holiday so you must bring The WOLF to my door, and take us to lunch,
in Constania, at Jonkershoek wine farm,
where i love to watch My Ducks swimming in that huge pool.

And you can love me with your eyes... I KNOW you do that.
I always SEE YOU doing that.
While I am hypnotised by your gravelly, sexy voice.
I only discovered what love looks like, when I first looked at you, doing what you do
Writing what you write. Creating what you create. All for us.

And I wonder why I had to wait so long in my life for love to discover a lonely mermaid.
Stranded on a beach, and for love to come lift her back to the Ocean, so that she may be free.
I feel as if my whole life is a hazy memory up until the day you came.
And I knew then that love is back in my life.

"What we find in a soul mate is not something wild to tame, but something wild,
To Run WITH!" - Robert Brault.

This describes us perfectly . . . my beautiful Soldier.

"I am so grateful that you exist"

Your eternally loving shiny wife - Donna Ragazza Mia. MWAH! :D
Pls bring me a Lunch Bar . . . Minion of Mine XXXXXXX

Roma Victor!

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