Donna in a lane of shops and bars in Stellenbosch

“Paradox of Donna” by Unknown. Again. One of Donna's kitchen-dinner-dance-arrangements.
This light tango would have been accommpanied by some sort of Mediterranean Fish and Pasta dish. And of course, the inevitable white wine.
"Like Donna Darkwolf Somewhere In Spain", she commented, when I took this photograph. Friday. December 16. 2016.

My Story of Paradox. Our Journey, La Bella Donna Darkwolf Strega de La Luna and I

This is from a collection of writings that I wrote to Donna Darkwolf over the years.
I thought it necessary to include them to satisfy my own selfishness. And to provide my own insights of this most remarkable Spirit.

A girl walks in relief against the blazing afternoon sun of Big Bay Beach.
A breeze which has crossed a million miles of ocean, made her thin cotton shawl billow in a line so graceful, so full of animation and moving beauty, that the heart of a chance watcher could tighten to wistfulness over her quality of suspended freedom.
She lifts her arms, she leans back against the wind, her shawl dipping and flaring, her hair set up in its own wave pattern.

I watch my Donna Carissima. A girl on a beach: incredible, fluid, plastic, young; drinking the air as she longed to drink Life.
The eternal aching drama of yearning, expectant youth...

The Sun is so bright, her skin so pale, she GLOWS radioactive - burned into my retina for all Eternity.
A scene of stark visual contrasts: the white sand and blue sky, the green ocean, the red shawl, the black hair... Vision set free

As her hands meet high over her head, her arms forming a hoop to embrace the wind, one lean lined thigh raises itself drawing her toe pointed foot out of the sand, slowly rising, till her foot, her out stretched leg is in line with her hip – and carries on rising…up…up…up…up

Ai yai yai yai,
Ai mi Amor (My Love)
Ai mi morena (My Dark-Haired Girl)
La Señora De mi Corazón (The Lady Of my Heart)

Try The Science of Desires
And the world between your eyes
Where the oceans come around
Draw a circle in the sand
With the passion of my Life
Circles in circles in the sand...

Lunch at Mar-e-Sol

Donna so enjoyed this, she took me for lunch at Mar-e-Sol Portuguese restaurant, in the Waterfront.

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