Donna Darkwolf in Ecstasy, Playing Her Burning Violin

“Elizabethan Serenade” by Ronald Binge. Conducted by Paolo Mantovani. Donna Darkwolf in Ecstasy. As always, Playing my Heart on her Burning Violin.
A waltz piece Donna loved to dance to in our kitchen / lounge / garden...

"Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin - Dance me to the end of love".
From one of Donna's favorite songs by Leonard Cohen.

This image of Donna Darkwolf will have explained itself by the end of the page... I could not resist...
For she is the very Music of my Spirit, that I awaken to each day.

This is from a collection of writings that I wrote to Donna Darkwolf over the years.
I thought it necessary to include them to satisfy my own selfishness. And to provide my own insights of this most remarkable Spirit.

To Begin With – How to Polish the Diamond Mind

Well Donna Bellissima Ragazza.
You asked me to explain my Imagination Process.

Let me begin at the beginning.
The Beginning is the Thought
Thought creates the Idea
Idea develops a Concept
Concept forms the foundation for a Philosophy.

The Philosophy becomes the Principle that other Thoughts, Ideas and Concepts are begun, created, developed, and either incorporated or discarded by.

The Philosopher becomes the centre to which all things are drawn, and from which all things emanate.
That is Perfection.

Unfortunately, I am not perfect – and this is not a perfect world.
Which is good in a way – for a thing that is Perfect is dead.
It cannot evolve. It is fixed in its perfection.

Yet I strive to attain internal perfection of thought in order that MY own world will be as perfect as possible under the given circumstances, and where it is not perfect, or near to, then attend to those things in a number of ways.

I will attempt to change the circumstances bit by bit, as reality allows.

I will assimilate the circumstance into my thinking, thereby changing my thinking in order to allow the imperfection – thus reducing the importance of the circumstance.

Or I will modify my concept of the circumstance, thereby nullifying its effect – and perhaps perceiving a new circumstance that will be easier to deal with.
Many people do this (more or less) without realising WHAT it is they are doing.
More there are, who do not (without realizing that this process even exists).
But there are some who realise and consciously set about ordering their minds, and the world around them, in order to achieve UNITY with the Universe.

Much like a carpenter making a table.
The effect of his Thought upon the in-animate wood is ultimately to achieve:
a) The concrete existence of an abstract Idea
b) The wood is now brought into Life by becoming A THING
c) The Idea and becoming are inseparable

Plans are drawn, measurements made.
Precise cuts are joined exactly.
Every thought directs a motion.
The soft pressure of sand-papering the surfaces – hiding the joints.
Finally applying the polish in careful strokes – each the same as the last.
Until the carpenter achieves Peace of Mind at the exact moment that the table reaches

In the Beginning – the Mind is a Rough Diamond

Over time, either of two things can and will happen.
I am going to use a TWO NEW WORDS here – SE: A combination of ‘she’ and ‘he’. And HIR for ‘her’ and ‘his’.
The cutter becomes bored, indifferent, careless, lazy.
Making badly executed cuts Se becomes frustrated and careless – thus opening the avenue to further bad cuts.
Her bad cuts become the best that Se is capable of, and the indifference Se accepts as experience, eventually leading to boredom.

Hir capacity to even correct the mistakes is gradually eroded into laziness, and Se will never even reach the final stages of polishing The ONLY DIAMOND that any of us ever gets FOR FREE.

On the other had the novice cutter who realises the bad mistakes – looks anew at the stone to correct the cut.
A bad cut may require ten new cuts to correct it.
But so what! Se has a whole life-time in which to do it. On a stone which is always self-renewing. Self-regenerating. (But, that is another Secret).

Hir bad cuts become a small nuisance which must be modified in order that THE DIAMOND CONTINUES TO BE CUT TO Perfection.

Se recognises that each mistake is not final. And that sometimes that which was at first perceived as a mistake is infact, the Crack in Time, through which Se may perceive a new Idea.


Hir perception sharpened, Se proceed anew with the task. Whether it be heavy or light is of no concern because Se has at last RECOCOGNISED:
There is NO cutter cutting the stone.
There is NO stone being cut.
There is only “CUTTING”.
The cutter and the stone are the SAME THING!

For as surely as the cutter practices Hir craft upon the stone, producing each new facet, the
Light that plays along the interstices excites Hir eye.
The light that bounces along converging vertices, cuts the hand, as well as the eye.
And so in turn the stone CUTS the cutter. And thus the cutter learns. Growing.
Ever closer to the task – The stone and the Cutter are ONE.

Donna Darkwolf as "Gravity's Angel", who will fetch me in The Morning.

Imagination! – The Most Powerful Tool in the Universe

Guided by previous experience to places where the mind can be set free - to leap into The Void, and generate its own internal Experiences.
To the Deep Mind, there is no difference between the experience of external reality, and the experience of internal reality.

They are both experiences of Perception.

The Over-Mind, Consciousness, on the other hand is well aware of the difference.
Also, the Over-Mind, which is well enriched with external experience, has a great store Perception which can be used in infinite combinations in the Deep Mind to create experiences that may otherwise never occur in reality.


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