"Summer Paradise with Donna Darkwolf" by Unknown.
Beauty walks out of the Ocean. And she loves me. Ready for breakfast at Ons Huisie on Blouberg Beach

This photo is ASYMETRICAL.
I once told Donna “Do Not Confuse Balance with Symmetry”.
'Balance' is a PHYSICAL action. Think Ballerina's and Athletes.
'Symmetry' is a VISUAL perception for artists and designers. Visually clever. Yet illiterate.
Symmetry is dependant on your 'Point-of-View'.
Balance! If you loose it you will be injured. Or dead.
Dead bodies lack Symmetry. They are "as is".

The Full Measure of Donna Darkwolf - Unstoppable

She loves Stars
She loves Sky
She loves Ocean
She loves Dogs
She loves Birds
She loves Fields
She loves Deserts
She loves her Life
She loves everything that is Pure and Free
She loves & lives in a way where there is
no place for restrictions and rules
She loves Learning and Teaching
She loves Loving
Freedom for her is different
She is a bit of a Rebel
She is a World in Her Self
She will define her Life as Evolving - not fixed
She enjoys her laughter, and endures her pain.
This is the Way she wants Her to be
And this is the way She IS.

A bit scarred and dented
But Unbroken

A Free Spirit

My Shiny Wife
My Blue-Eyed Girl.

Mandated Legal Requirement for Hazardous Materials

I made Donna a Decal. She loved it! Pasted it on her office door.

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