"Our Immortal Romance" by Unknown. Favorite dancing melody. Above: My Nefertiti.
Once again, Donna's after-dinner slow-waltz music.
She is standing, chatting with me at the kitchen sink. As I take my gloves off, she sweeps gracefully into my arms for a kiss...
And we dance through the lounge to our bed . . .

The Immortal Romance of The Witch and The Soldier - Part 2

Was A Time I Longed To Be Close To You. And NOW, At Last I Am

Donna Corazon, There was a song, "(They Long to Be) Close to You",  by The Carpenters which was released just before Christmas of 1970, which you constantly remind me of.
I was dreaming of One Like You – as you are now.
But you were still only eight years old then.

And I imagine – what if all my imaginings, yearnings and fantasies had INFLUENCED the fabric of the Universe in some manner?

What if somehow, over the years, some “THING” had found these dreams of mine, and saw that out of all the hundreds of millions of Souls on this Planet –
YOU would be the one to grow, and to eventually mature into the Spirit that is now you, Donna Darkwolf Vos?

That you would ultimately come to resemble the girl/woman I had painted so many times.

Which could well explain my surprised outburst, upon meeting you: “MiGod! It’s YOU!”,  that you so like to laugh, and tease me about every now and then.

And now, Imagine, Donna Mia – that on that ‘Fateful’ evening that you saw me marching across the dance floor at The Rotunda in Camps Bay, that the Earth Goddess brought us to be in the same place at the same time.

I say 'Fateful', because neither of us would have gone of our OWN CHOICE. Fact is, we each accompanied someone else be cause we were free that evening.

And then The Earth Goddess sent Fortune to smile upon you, turning your eyes toward me, and whispering in your ear, pointing me out to you:
“That is him. Go quickly! Quickly! Or your Moment will be lost. Go!”

And when you arrived by my side, Destiny whispered to me, her breath in my ear:
“What you are Seeking - is also Seeking you.
Here is She! The One you dreamed of. The One you want. And always long for.
She will bless your Life in more ways than you can ever possibly imagine.
Take good care of Your Dream. For Dreams are easily broken".

These are the words from that song.
(They Long to Be) Close to You
The Carpenters

Why do stars fall down from the sky
Every time you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you

On the day that you were born
The Angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue

Source: AZlyrics
Songwriters: Burt Bacharach / Hal David

Donna Darkwolf Dreams Butterflies

Donna Darkwolf Dreams Butterflies and The Moon

I Waited Only for You. Or One Like You, Donna Darkwolf

It tormented me endlessly.

This happened to me only once before. I was seven years old, home, sick with the flu, definitely with a fever, and I lay out on the back lawn trying to heat up in the sun… I was so cold…
Lying back gazing up at the sky. And I fantasized about a jelly the same color as the sky Imagine that! A BLUE jelly! And what its taste would be like. It was good.

I just don't remember exactly, but I do remember the first time I touched you.
I do remember that it was one of my first manifestations of an inner life that was going to explode into the world at large.
Like that Jelly Blue Sky, you were going to be good.
To go where you are, is to go where I belong…
Building myself a home in your Heart

I never feel solitude
With my first Star at Night
I will never loose my way home
Tu morire. Eo morire duo
I say how hard it is to die
You say how hard it is to be free.
The bed sheets isolate us from a past
While we create our new future

Ballet Caliente – Hot Ballet

I do not accept death.
Even with dignity.
As I never loose faith in you.
If you die on me, you will create a void in the world
I dream of you without wanting to
Little Star-Fish
There is no Purple enough
To be purple as that
As a glistening Star-Fish on golden beaches
Of paradise renewed with each rising sun
Each receding tide that keeps it
Moist enough to never dry

You are my well of dreams
At the Edge of the Emerald Beyond…
I found you because I looked for you.
For a fact I never found you by chance I was a Soul Making my own way to you.

And everything is never quite enough
All the dreams of My Mistress Moon…
the ways of Love as love is, and love does

Donna and Sunrise at the Ocean

Donna and Sunrise at the Ocean

Unfinished Episode

What I love about you Mi Donna Corazon, is your insistent interference  in my culinary activities, with your wishes to waltz or tango, while I am cooking.

“Take me dancing, Soldier!” OR, “Dance me, my pretty Minion!” OR, “I VHA-ANT to DHAANZE!”
The best one so far has to be the seductively delivered:
“Your Shiny Wife is Much SHINIER than those pots… Come and dance with her…”

Oh Strega Bellissima – Oh Pretty Witch
Oh completeness
In the morning
Of the day you came to stay
Far away chiming bells
And a roll in the hay
Bright sun burns across your breasts
‘Tween your thighs I can never rest
Riding hard to that distant shore
Of the Unremembered Paradise
And I swear I’ll never leave you
Nor bring you to pain
For you are Dream
And here you will remain
Forever in my Heart,
The other half of my Soul

So! There we go Mia Donna Bella.

Writing this got me to thinking... how about writing the book jointly.
Plot out the chapters... we each write a chapter.
And at the and of each chapter - the other party writes their comments, corrections, ie. "no that's not how it happened... what really happened was..."
A domestic argument / lovers quarrel in print. LOL.
That's never been done!!!

Waltz on the Beach. Jack Vettriano

Donna Darkwolf and Franco. Sunset Waltz on the Beach
Artist - Jack Vettriano


When I returned from the supermarket, Donna Darkwolf was beaming. She ran into my arms. I could see she had been crying.
I could feel her tears on my cheek as her embrace threatened to drive the very breath from my lungs.
She said: "My Franco, to see in your own words what I read on your Heart! That my Mind and Heart do not deceive me!
This is the most wonderful gift I have ever been given!

I replied: Donna Cara! It is just the first Seven Pages... There is MORE!

I Am Hot Inside This Skin - Now... I Will Voyage to Sirius

I have always been hot inside my skin...
Lovers and wives have always commented, or complained, about the “heat”.

What did you expect when you lay down with a Dragon?
Inside I am so hot... you just get the heat?
Like a nuclear reactor.
When all the rods are out...
I 'Run Hot', on cold days, and nights.

Never wore a jersey in my life. Hardly ever slept under a blanket. Or Duvet. Hardly ever.
Just 'Running Hot!'
Hence Egypt.
I made it to the North Face of the Pyramid of Khufu.
On Time. Mid-day. 0ne November. 2018
Ten years to the day.
As promised.

“When I leave... Set Me Free in Egypt”, Donna said.
Donna's dust now wanders in the Timeless Sands, and blows in the never-ending breeze of Egypt.

But! Donna's SPIRIT Free! E-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. The sound of the Sun on sand. The 5th Chord....
This is the NOT the final incarnation of The Darkwolf, on this world.

We have DONE THIS Dance twice. We have One More to go.
We will meet in Paris. Or Cairo.

It was my honour, and a privilege, to be elected for this duty.

It was her duty, last time around, as my wife, to set me alight on my funeral pyre
Which accounts for my Running Hot

My beautiful, Nefertiti, shiny wife is free.
1.3 light years head start.
And I know where she is headed
Sirius. The “Dog Star”
After all – a Wolf is a Dog.

And being a Wolf myself...
I can smell a Wolf at 2000 metres

I WILL find The Donna Darkwolf
Have no doubt.
In 2043. 21 years from 2021 - I will find the Darkwolf again.
She will be 20 years old.
We will pick up from where we ended

For Our One Last Time
Then - We are FREE!

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