“PARADISI GLORIA" by Karl Jenkins 'Sabat Mater'. As powerful and majestic as The Donna Darkwolf.
Whenever we were playing this track, I would remark to Donna that when we next went to a restaurant, I should proceed her, and that she should wait outside the door, while I got her entrance going on the portable beat-box.
She would then make her usual elegant, regal entrance as the first angelic Vox Humana choir blasted out...

Donna Darkwolf Dancing Under an African Moon

Mission: Being Kali and Being a Phoenix. "Born out of the Ashes of Your Own Pathetic Life. Given a GIFT! And Still - you Be-weep Yourself?"

Sweetly she says:  "So You WANT to Play with Fire? Let Me Show You What FIRE IS! Then... You Will KNOW"

I have seen my precious wife... my beautiful girl burn with Fury.
Not anger or rage. Those are emotions. "Fury" is a tornado, stormy waves, a hurrican, driving rain.
Forces of Nature... like Donna Darkwolf.

Donna possesses the Soul of a Witch
The Heart of a Woman
The Spirit of a Wolf

I have seen my Donna Darkwolf on fire... burning in passion

Until you have sat beside a Witch.

Until you have been making love, and slept in the same magickal bed with a Witch

Until you have heard an Arch-Priestess intone an invocation that will turn your blood to fire, or stone. Depending on whether she loves or despises you.

Until you have heard a curse placed upon your self... with the very air turning Blue around you!

You have NO IDEA!

You have no idea of how such a Voice can lift you. Or cut you to a thousand pieces.

Thankfully, I was never a target of any such invocations.

I have just heard her deliver those invocations.

Some times over the phone. The recipients phone must have been melting down.

Perhaps my being her Soldier, lover and husband made me bullet-proof.

Although there were a few times I had to bear her scorn.

As much as the times she bore mine.
Donna is NOT LOOKING at You

For we were EQUAL. By Donna Darkwolf's assesment.

"franco, you are my mirror. without you, i can never see myself".

You have No Fear!

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