Donna Darkwolf adrift with The Silvery Moon

"Summer Paradise" by Trio Leo.
My Shiny Witchy Wife adrift in her silver dreams, under the Moon she sings to.

Inevitably - Another kitchen dinner-preparation and dance Bossa Nova, as Donna and I waft gently around our kitchen to the aroma of my Spanish Paella.
"Come, my franco! Dance me! For I am Far Shinier than the pots!"
Aahh! My Shiny Wife... Resistance is FUTILE!

Donna Darkwolf Sings The Body Electric

My 2009 birthday card for Donna
Emulating her penchant for editing greeting cards to suit her purpose, I typed out this poem I wrote for her, printed it out and glued it over the message in the card.

Sing Me Your Body Electric - Donna Ragazza Mia
Sea and Sand
Silvery Moon and Shimmering Sex
Down on the Beach with you
My favorite dark-haired Strega Bellissima
Days of wine and song
And nights rolling like thunder in our big bed
Your champagne breath urging me on – relentless
Beading your sweat all over my skin
I listen to you sing
The Body Electric
The taste of you on my tongue
Your dance frenetic
The dance of Kali
Our passion drove us to seek each other out
And having found, to devour
And having satiated
To entangle each other
To melt in our heat
To merge our hearts
To remember and to keep
Knowing how fragile we are
Oh how dearly I love you
My Beautiful Witch

Oh... And by the way,
Happy Birth Day! Mia Bella Strega!
Love from Your Only Franco

The punch-line sent Donna off into rolling, cackling peals of laughter.

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