Donna Darkwolf at Christmas Lunch at Babylonstoren Wine Estate

“When You Blush” performed by Tiki Tiki.
"Lets never stop falling in Love", she whispers to me, as we waltz under the Moon on our patio.
Here: Donna Darkwolf at Christmas Lunch at Babylonstoren Wine Estate. Franschhoek.
My Christmas Witch. I had Just One Wish. She is All That I Got! Wish Granted. Perfect!

This is from a collection of writings that I wrote to Donna Darkwolf over the years.
I thought it necessary to include them to satisfy my own selfishness. And to provide my own insights of this most remarkable Spirit.

So! Donna Darkwolf, it was not Me. Rather it was Circumstance. Moment

I never know of a morning with you, My Mistress
That. when I awake, I am not happy..
My heart sings just to see your eyes…
And, when I sleep and see you in my dreams
And swim in secret oceans, listening
For your song here in The Deep
Your whisper of the Emerald Beyond…
Revives me.

Just to have my fingers run thru’ that dark raven hair… your eye lashes fall like hawks descending on their prey, the lip curls quivering to the left, the small whimper...
whimper that grows into the growl in the throat - rises to a screaming crescendo, The Song Begins -

Waiting for My Andromeda

I awaited all my life, on the pleasure of experiencing you.
What I got was an experience in altered reality.
This is like no other story that you will ever read in your life…

I never knew or felt it before, yet I recognise it now - that I have been alone all my life.
Until I found you.

After this story – the truth told, you will know that none of this is going to go away.
It is after all your story also… we grow strong in spite it. Or we die from it...

“Already knocking at Heavens portal
In my arms I hold Heavens daughter
She’s the Love I knew before
the end of Time – I know her fire
Lost in the prism of her
Own desire
And we all dream and reach for it.
I found you because I LOOKED for you.

Each man walks down his own road. I walk with your forever Dreamy eyes, burning in my heart. Donna Corazon,
I know no other way.

My Andromeda

My Christmas Card To US! When I gave it to Donna, she just burst out laughing.
She loves my "Zany Cards"!

La Jaula D’ouro - the Golden Cage

All my life, you have been the Golden Cage of my Pegasus dreaming, but I never had to wish my days away.
I had you fill my paintings with you in your many fantastical disguises.
I had you fill my life with a story that is older than the sea back when Scylla  lay in wait for Greek sailors. [Scylla is a mythical Drakainai (She-Dragon) with the upper body of a woman and the tail of a serpentine fish...]

In other words a Mermaid.

Which suits the Dragon in me… my Dragon jokes abound, and bound around...
Playful. If you could stop them, you could stop my breath. I prefer you to hear it from my own lips Donna Mia, of mine.
My love for life is surpassed only by my love for you.

How lucky we must be, Donna Conchita, to find each other on these tepid shores of a lone planet located on the back-wash of the most distant, and least travelled shipping-lanes of this vast Galaxy turning in the breath of Brahma. If only I could alter our lives.
At least we are not just a page in a diary.

“Your friend is close by your side
And speaks in far ancient tongue
A seasons wish will come true
All my seasons begin with you...”

A Sure Sign of Old Age? – When Dreams Out-match Reality.

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