Donna Darkwolf. Underestimate me

“Donna's Elegant Piano” by Unknown. Another one of Donna's kitchen-dinner-dance-arrangements.
For a slow romantic candle-lit waltz in our kitchen - to the aroma of Pasta Arrabiata on the stove, with a glass of wine.

Above: The Donna Darkwolf ,- on her way to the Airport in the robe she was wearing the night we met. A Queen amongst the dishevelled Plebes.
The "Underestimate Me! That WILL be Fun!" poster? Donna's favourite threat. So I created her the poster. Such wicked glee when she saw it!

This is from a collection of writings that I wrote to Donna Darkwolf over the years.
I thought it necessary to include them to satisfy my own selfishness. And to provide my own insights of this most remarkable Spirit.

Discovering Donna Darkwolf at The Rotunda

Donna had asked me of my account of 'Our Meeting'.
I obliged her with this:

Okay, Donna Ragazza Mia. I hope you are strapped in.
This is going to blow your mind. Remember! You asked for this...
My side of the story.

Destiny whispered to me, her breath in my ear: “What you are Seeking - is also Seeking you".

Passion Cubed
How Donna and I met at The Rotunda, in Camps Bay. Cape Town
Thursday evening. 1 November 2007. I had been dragged out to a monthly event of an Over Fifties function, by a friend.
A monthly event where mature people could gather and party, and perhaps meet an “interesting someone”.

Who could ever imagine that I was going to MEET SOMEBODY INTERESTING?

I marched straight over to the bar, where I joined some guys I knew, and ordered a drink.

The snap of my cowboy boots, my purposeful marching stride of Advancing Inevitabilty, my no-nonsense demeanour...
My usual self-confidence, and bearing of someone who was used to being recognised as "a military superior" -
All conspired to awaken Destiny from her dreams.

In the image below, this is taken from about the vantage point of the bar counter.
Seating was arranged around the wall (the venue is circular), so the dance floor was clear.
There was a live band on the stage – in that dark arch.
So you can see how far away Donna was seated from the bar.
The distance to the bar, from the entrance is about 20 metres – a long way. And very visible across the open dance floor.
By Chance I had arrived between sets, so the dance floor was empty.
The Scene was SET

The FIRST Opportunity for “Destiny” to Begin Playing her Game.

I had not been chatting to my friends for more than two minutes, when I felt a gentle grip on my arm as I was lifting my drink to my mouth
I turned, and she said: “Aah! You found me!”  As if I was there to meet her by some pre-arranged agreement

“Migod! It’s YOU!”,  was my astonished response, as I saw her face and her eyes.
Beauty had come knocking at my door. Everyone thought we knew each other, because we did not introduce ourselves.
“Come. There is a quieter, bar up stairs”,  said ‘Destiny’, excitedly breathless, with a bright smile.
And I followed this Beauty in her finely detailed, embroidered robes, back to where she had been seated so that she could get her handbag,
‘Destiny’ telling her surprised friends: “We’re going for a drink upstairs”.
Donna later told me that her Detective friend, Neville, who had accompanied her, had said to her, when I came through the entrance: “Here comes A Trouble”. 

My “Migod! It’s You!”  was a source of merriment and laughter for Donna, for years to come.
Donna would laugh each time she recalled that moment: “The LOOK on YOUR face! Priceless!”,  and she would break into guffaws of knee-slapping laughter.
My surprise stemmed from the fact that her face had featured in so many of my fantasy and Sci-Fi paintings  over the previous 40 years.

My Fantasy Woman of my Life-time had stepped out of the canvas, and marched across the dance floor.
Straight into my Heart”


My ‘First Interview’ with the Arch-Priestess – Donna Darkwolf Vos

I smelt her breath, (Donna didn’t drink), I watched her eyes. I know exactly what she will be like when I touch her.
Kiss her. Make love to her and make her sing…
I smelt her breath and I knew that I would want to wake up with her...
Love is Back. I see it written on her face. I see it written on her back.
I can hear it in the light lilt of her voice. See it in the graceful flourishes of her hands.
I knew EXACTLY what I was looking at.
And here’s the catch, my beautiful Priestess, my Andromeda will be able to clearly understand the meaning and the intent of all this.
Because she is a Witch.

I will spend my life trying – with much success.

Esta noche voy contigo Hermosa Bruja y todas las noches después de eso
Tonight I'm going with you Beautiful Witch and every night after that.

Thirteen days later we were wedded. For Ten glorious years.
The Life Change I endure with all its attendant sensations – passions, ecstasies, pains.
I have felt at the same time, with detachment, the necessity of pain…

Thank You, Destiny. Mine is The Honour.

Destiny Whispered: "The one you are Seeking - is also Seeking you"

I write a rather long account of our life together to encourage YOU, my Donna Ragazza to write your book:
"The Immortal Romance of the Witch and The Soldier".

I am attempting to explain my "Migod! It's you", surprise.
The story would go something like this:
"And then The Earth Goddess sent Fortune to smile upon you, turning your eyes toward me, and whispering in your ear, pointing me out to you:
“That is him. Go quickly! Quickly! Or your Moment will be lost. Go!”

And when you arrived by my side, Destiny whispered to me, her breath in my ear:
“The one you are Seeking - is also Seeking you.
Here is She! This is What You Came For.
The One you dreamed of. The One you want. And always long for.
She will bless your Life in more ways than you can ever possibly imagine.
Take good care of Your Dream. For Dreams are easily broken".

Understand this, my Shiny Wife: You have forever ALTERED the Shape of My Soul.
As I have changed your own.

Donna's response was: "My Franco. Yes. We HAVE altered the shape of each others Souls.
In the same way that a stone cutter alters the shape of the rough diamond in order to release the beauty within!
For we were each a half of the same Soul - which has now at last, been made whole".

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