Donna Darkwolf's Mercedes Benz A170 Dark WOLF

“Donna and Wolf Drive One" Opening by Robert Plant 'Big Log'. With Thomas Bergerson and the Two Steps from Hell Orchestra's “Final Frontier".
The song of Donna Darkwolf, racing her Mercedes Benz A170, WOLF 888.

WOLF tracks out of his stable, onto the road, and trots forward.
Cautiously making his way to the main road.
Starts off slow - but GET READY!
Purring. Smoothe and graceful. Preparing
Making Ready for the Race
Once there he is READY!
All the traffic slides in to reverse
As WOLF gets a "taste" For The Road
At the lights to the On-Ramp - WOLF is HOT!

He growls and growls.
He wants to go. GO! GO!
Patiently awaiting his Mistresses Command...
Red changes to GREEN! And with a howl... WOLF is unleashed. RUNNING.

WOLF Driving Miss Donna Darkwolf. A Thin Red Line. Between Nothingness and Eternity

'Big Log" by Robert Plant
My Love is in league with the freeway
Her passion will rise as the cities fly by
And the tail lights dissolve in the coming of night
And the questions in thousands take flight
My Love is miles in awaiting

Songwriters: Robert Plant / Robert Blunt

9 November:  The first Sunday after we brought WOLF home, Donna wanted to take a long drive around the countryside.

Donna was so excited to be taking her “Precious Wolf for a Run”.
I knew she was serious when I saw her take “driving gloves” out of her hand bag.
You know, the sort where the glove fingers only reach the first finger knuckle. And there are holes at all the fist knuckles.
And small ventilation holes punched down the fingers and thumb, and back if the hand

So we’re off to Breakfast at Blouberg Beach. Followed by Lunch in St. Helena Bay, coming back through Wellington and Paarl – finally driving us back to Durbanville.

The drive to Blouberg is slow, Sunday traffic through neighbourhoods and built-up area.
But after Blouberg – OPEN ROAD!
Donna just ‘floored-it’! 170! 180!

I had never been in her car with her, where she could get up to such speeds.
BUT NOW! We had WOLF, sleek midnight black Mercedes Benz A170 with a 6-Speed racing Gear-box.
As sleek as my Shiny Wife
WOLF is like one of those dogs you see on a leash - WANTING TO GO! Pulling some idiot who cannot run.

WOLF "dances". If you touch the accelerator - Wolf will take any gap. In a Heart Beat!
Donna wanted the radio off, and like me, NEVER talks whilst driving at high speed.

"I need to listen to WOLF's engine. THAT! Is MUSIC!"

BRACE YOURSELF: The Story of The Witch and The Soldier starts TODAY.

And now you can hear WOLF's pace. Paws striking in the snow. Rapid. Advancing. Closing in on his prey.
Preparing for that Final Take-down LUNGE!
And a victorious kill.

I Am Immediately IMPRESSED! I Have The Alert Pilot!

My Love is in league with the freeway...
My love is exceeding the limit
Firm-eyed and focussed, with the hum of the miles
Distance and longing, in the purr of the WOLF
I watch the horizon racing toward us
My love is cradled in knowing...

Donna was relaxed in the seat. Seat forward a bit to the wheel, to reduce arm extension and have greater fine-maneuvering control.
Both hands on the wheel, at 9:30 2:30 clock positions, so that the thumbs are in contact with the curved joins where the cross-members meet the wheel ring.

This is so as to be able to have a firmer grip with the thumbs, and to be able to use down-ward pressure AGAINST the thumbs when manoeuvring bends on the road.
Apart from the above, this position also keeps your hands from interfering with the deployment of the air-bag in the event of a collision.

Also, this helps by letting the weight of the arms, rest on the steering wheel rather than being supported by the shoulders

This makes the driving experience similar to riding a motor cycle.
Making micro-adjustments easier to “feel” rather than to “make”.
This makes the vehicle an extension of your body.
My Donna with All the Traits of "The Alert Pilot"!
Attuned. Situationally Aware. Concentrated. Proficient. Precice. Professional. MY Alert Pilot!

My Rally Driver. My Alert Pilot. My BEAUTIFUL!

WOLF Off the Leash

Lunch at "Oppikaai Restaurant"

Just making these observations of Donna, gave me confidence that she knew what driving was about. Especially at high speed.
We were racing
Donna totally focussed
Face as expressionless as carved marble
She, like the stream-lined, tireless motor of a limousine
The Goddess in The Machine
The Spirit in WOLF's Shell was created This day. In 2007!

And... today in 2021 - That Spirit lives on. Playful. Awaiting. Like any Dog. Just give him an EXCUSE! And He is OFF! Running! Free!

We made “Oppikaai” Restaurant in St Helena Bay harbour in just under an hour.
Distance 140Km. SOME FEAT.
Getting through the Sunday traffic slowed us – but Donna made up for it on the open stretches.
Gapping and Weaving. Snap-changing gear.
Dropping a gear before each accelerating lunge.
Straigtening the bends by "crossing the line".
Breaking slightly to line up, and then accelerating into the curves.

Total Control!

Drifting into the parking area. Engine Stopped.
Donna turned to me, exhilarated: “My Love! How was THAT!?”  Planting a passionate kiss on my mouth.

She leapt out of WOLF, running around to the front of WOLF and laying forward over his bonnet with her arms out-spread to give WOLF a ‘big hug’.

“I love you WOLF! I love you! I love YOU!”  Planting a kiss on WOLF’s hood Star.
One of many that would eventually, over the space of eleven years kiss away the blue enamel of his chrome Star.

Talk about Whirlwind Relation-ships? TRY THIS!

Donna and I met on 1 November. We brought WOLF home on 7 November.
I had moved in with Donna on 5 November. FOUR DAYS after we met.
On 8 November Donna and I went shopping for a Black Pearl Wedding Ring.
Today is 9 November and the discussion at lunch is our wedding preparations.
Is this WHIRL-WIND enough for you?

On 14 November we will be wed – and spend 10 exhilarating years together
The Story of The Witch and The Soldier starts TODAY.
She. Me. And, WOLF.

Donna Darkwolf, Running with THE WOLF

The WOLF racing through the Winelands. Under Donna Darkwolf's steady hands.

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