“When I am Gone" Guitar and Piano.  - One of Donna's tracks she loved to listen to while WOLF cruised us lazily, past the Ocean.
She would sit in contemplative silence, gazing out at the Sea where she would one day be.
Each time we reached the end of the mountain road, at Camps Bay, she would sigh, turning to me to kiss my cheek, saying:
"One day When I am Gone - you can still visit me, you know. I will be The Foam On The Sea"

Donna Darkwolf's Requested "Mermaid Ritual"

A few hours before "Our Flight of Angels", on the Huey Gunship...

Donna had requested that I perform a small ritual for her with the Mermaid that was revealed at her dust-off at the light beacon at Kalk Bay Harbour.
With her Ashes in the bottle that I was going to use to bring back the Sands of Egypt. And a coin to cast into the Ocean, with her Ashes.
The back drop is the "Starry Shirt" Donna gifted me with

I dashed home to set this up, light some incence and a candle, pour myself a generous scotch, and toasted Donna's photograph.

Her portion of Ashes that I had kept for this occasion, are in that small bottle. The same bottle that - I will soon transport other Ashes to the north face of the Great Pyramid.

The Little Mermaid, is one she left me to transport to her dust-off ritual at the Kalk Bay light beacon.
To have placed on the table while I delivered her eulogy.

That R5 coin is one of five, that I got as change when I went to the funeral salon, to say my final farewell to my shiny wife, before she went into the fire.
I touched each of the R5 coins to Donna's forehead and placed three of them in a small pouch of hers, that I had brought along with me for our Farewell Ritual.

Kissing the fourth coin, I placed it inside her funerary robe over her heart.
I laid her beautiful rust-red kashmere blanket over her, and as per Donna's request placed her photo of her with her parents, face down - facing her.
Her painting of her bull terrior "Borg", I placed facing up - to carry on guarding Donna - just as he had always guarded her house.

This coin will be inside the bottle, with her ashes, so that as I open it in flight, over Blouberg, I will complete the circle of her wishes.
The other two will each be cast into the Ocean at the two spots Donna had suggested.

Honouring Donna - My Shiny Wife and Hero

As per the ancient Greek and Roman tradition, I placed these two Egyptian coins in her mouth, as I kissed her for the last time.

Her Ashes are scattered at the light beacons in Kalk Bay, at Blouberg beach with her mother and father, and now by her "Minion and beautiful Soldier", with the accompanying sound of the "Breathe of Angels"... from the Huey.
Against the backdrop of the "Starry Shirt" Donna so enjoyed seeing me wear.

The next journey will be to Egypt in November 2018 for our 12th Anniversary.
12 Noon, on 1 November - at the north face of the Great Pyramid,
there to cast Donna's Ashes upon the Timeless Sands of the Egypt she had travelled so often, and so loved.

The Fifth R5 coin will accompany a lock of Donna's hair and an engraved stainless steel plaque identifying her for who she is, beneath the sands at the Mastabas on the South face of the Pyramid.
Where Egypt's ancient elite were entombed - now lies My Love's Spirit.

Egyptian coins Donna had brought back from Egypt
Back and front views.

Gunship Friday - Pilot Francois and I

On my way to cast Donna's Ashes on the wind.

Just a bloody coincidence again. The Pilot is an old drinking buddy of mine. Francois and Franco. Both of us ex-Rhodesian military.

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Pilot Francois and I

Just a bloody coincidence again. The Pilot is an old drinking buddy of mine. Francois and Franco. Both of us ex-Rhodesian military.