Donna Darkwolf with A Dream in Her Eyes

“Mysterious Lady" by Unknown, from Donna's music collection - that we would waltz-tango to, in our kichen while we cooked dinner.
Above: Donna Darkwolf posing in our garden, for "A Dream in Your Eyes". A chapter in her new-to-be, never-published book.
Such is my Bellissima Donna Strega.

Donna Darkwolf Publicity and Media Photography - The Presence in My Camera

Donna had a way with being the subject of scrutiny. Especially in front of the camera.
Because she herself - is A Presence.
She either disregarded its presence entirely. Or she played to it.
Not "acting", or being an "actress", mind you.
Disregard for The Camera happened because Donna was so intent on talking with the interviewer - the camera did not exist.
Playing to The Camera was entirely Donna addressing her "audience" directly.
If Donna is looking 'at' the camera, she is actually watching you, the viewer, just as she would if you tere there in her presence.

Some of the images in this Photo-Essay are from TV interviews, and others from magazine and journal interviews.
Some others Donna and I produced for two books Donna was writing -

One was entitled: "May I Write Your Story" -
the outline of which appears on this site, in the category: "Writings".

The other was to be a book about us, entitled: "The Immortal Kiss of The Witch and The Soldier".
Excerpts of which occur throughout this website.

Donna Darkwolf in the Public Domain

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Donna Darkwolf during an SABC TV Interview

She is The Phases of The Moon

Elected as the first President of the Pagan Federation of South Africa from 1996 to 2001, Donna founded Circle of the African Moon (CAM) in 2001. CAM was created to form a network dedicated to educating the public on Paganism so as to dispell misinformation and misconceptions about Paganism through media interaction and inter-faith dialogue and activities.

Donna Darkwolf as goddess Kali in Cosmopolitan Magazine interview

Donna Kali in Cosmopolitan Mag

Donna Darkwolf's making a Love Invocation during a magazine interview.
Donna directed this photo-shoot to achieve her Kali pose - which blew the minds of Cosmo's readers.
And elicited a lot of mail to the publishers - and enquiries to Donna herself.

Donna Darkwolf's Uraeus Egyptian Serpent tattoo

My Beautiful Serpent at The Gate

Uraeus - The Serpent, or Snake, is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols. In some cultures, Serpents are fertility symbols. In other cultures, Serpents symbolize the umbilical cord, joining all humans to Mother Earth, or were worshipped as guardians of her mysteries of birth and regeneration.

Donna Darkwolf the beautiful witch

Once a Witch - Strega Bella

Donna Darkwolf - the beautiful witch

Donna Darkwolf my beautiful witch

Always a Witch - Strega Mia

Donna Darkwolf - My beautiful witch

"White Witch" in Style

South Africa's first Pagan Arch Priestess

Donna Darkwolf as The Red Witch

Donna Dancing a Book of Spells

Donna dances a smooth flowing flamenco for me . . .
I turn it into a Story of spell-binding sorcery.

Arch-Priestess of the Circle of the African Moon

Arch-Priestess of the Circle of the African Moon

Hi-Res Image for Free Media Usage

Donna Darkwolf at MNet TV Interview

Donna Darkwolf @ TV Interview

The Donna Darkwolf on M-Net's Carte Blanche. The first Pagan Arch-Priestess. on live TV in South Africa.

Donna Darkwolf as Queen Nefertiti

Nefertiti Vida Mi

Stills taken during a TV inteview at Donna's home. . .

Donna Darkwolf as Queen Nefertiti

The Donna Darkwolf

Which drew a lot of attention from TV viewers - especially those interested in Pagan religion and Wicca tradition.

Donna giving a lecture at her Academy of Magick

Lecture @ Academy of Magick

Donna delivering a lecture at her Academy of Magick.
Behind her - the Caduceus she had me design and created for her wall.

Donna Darkwolf appearing in a TV interview on SABC-2.

Donna's Cleopatra Cut

Donna appearing in a TV interview on SABC-2.

Donna and The Sea

Donna and The Sea

Beauty walks Out of The Ocean for breakfast at Blouberg beach.

Photography Intended for Donna Darkwolf's Future Books

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Donna Darkwolf - The Genie Out of The Bottle.

The Genie Out of The Bottle

Donna and the Desert Moon. Illustration I did for her unfinished book: “The Immortal Kiss of The Witch and The Soldier”
I will finish it some day.

Donna Darkwolf - the Crimson Priestess

The Crimson Priestess

Publicity photo-art for an up-coming event/lecture.

Donna Darkwolf Posing with Caduceus.

Donna Posing with her Caduceus

She wanted "an orange wall splashed with gold".
So one Sunday morning, Donna woke up to THIS!
I used this pose in one of my illustrations for her new book.

Donna Darkwolf as a Parisian Lady

Afternoon Tea with Lady Donna

A photograph of my stylish Shiny Wife given a painterly treatment to emulate the style of an old French painting

Lets Never Stop Falling in Love

Now THIS is how one dresses for birthday breakfast at a beach restaurant.

The silver witch - Donna Darkwolf

Donna as The Silver Witch

Donna hired this outfit for a fancy-dress birthday party we were attending, and blew every one away.

A Pagan Priestesses Wardrobe

The Darkwolf dressed for our honeymoon dinner at the Lord Milner Hotel Chapel.

Donna Darkwolf with a Burning Violin

The Girl Who Plays My Heart

"Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin - Dance me to the end of love". From one of Donna's favorite songs by Leonard Cohen.

Donna Darkwolf dressed in Green Lace.

Mia Donna - Lady of The House

Kissing a Strawberry

Donna and The Wolf Paint It Black at Constantia Wine Estate.

Donna & The Wolf Paint It Black

I see a red door / And I want it painted black
I see a line of cars / And they're all painted black
If I look hard enough / Into the setting sun
My love will laugh with me / Before morning comes

My Immortal Donna leaves a trail of stars across the parking lot.

She Comes in Colors Everywhere

She combs her hair / She's like a Rainbow. My Immortal Donna leaves a trail of stars across the parking lot, as we head for hr Sunday birthday breakfast.

Donna Darkwolf posing as an Angel

Donna Darkwolf as an Angel

Donna poses with a cello so that I could render her as an Angel, for one of the chapters in her book,
"The Immortal Kiss of the Witch and The Soldier".

Donna Darkwolf's Santa Esmerelda Dress

Donna's Santa Esmerelda Dress

Like some sort of illusion in a dream - I no sooner catch up with it, than it turns and runs away up another path through the trees. . .
Donna Darkwolf at Marie Claire magazine interview

See an Interview with a Priestess

A sequence of pages - with excerpts from one of her many lectures.

  Donna Darkwolf in one of her many TV Interviews

   Donna being interviewed by M-Net's "Carte Blanche", while she sits regally in her high wing-back chair.
  Finally... There ARE No Words. Just: Serenity
  Not a day goes by, that I don't think of her. She is my guiding Light. The Fire that burns inside my Heart. Mia Donna Ragazza. My Beautiful Girl.

Donna Darkwolf giving a magazine interview

Donna Darkwolf's Thousand Year Stare. When you see this! Nothing will follow.
The audience is over. You have become transparent and invisible to her.

Donna Darkwolf about to turn the air blue

Like a Lone Wolf. . .
Because wolves are independent.
They may work together - but you can never tell when one of them might  go solo. . . One just might. 
Watch me!

However... BE AWARE!
Try and cross her, or meddle in her work, work against her or conive behind her back? Many have faced her Fury and Absolute Wrath.
Have been scalded and singed by her whithering words. . . bruised and broken by her razor-sharp invective. . . and cursed until the very air turned BLUE.

You DO NOT want to be within the blast radius when she goes Super Nova.

If the Donna Darkwolf can drag the South African Air Force to the Equity Court for unfair dismissal, and reach a settlement with the South African Air Force after two years of legal proceedings?

You will understand... the Donna Darkwolf WILL come after you -
with her own Legal Counsel, and "see you In Court".

Then you will definitely be: "In Bocca Al Lupo": 'In The Mouth Of The Wolf'.

You DO NOT want to be There. Trust me.
To have the Wolf's teeth around your throat ?
You'll soon come around. . .
For example: Paganism Is Not a Cult, says Donna Vos

Donna Darkwolf in Interview on L'Atitude - SABC1

Donna being interviewed about Wiccan and Pagan Religion in South Africa.
December 01, 2015.
Run-time: 10:10 - Clipped

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The Donna Darkwolf: Dramatic for Sunday Breakfast in the Cape Winelands

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