Donna Darkwolf at the Roman Temple Baths. Bath. England

“Donna in Rome", off a promo CD Donna bought at a street cafe in Rome, where it was playing - to promote a local group of musicians.
Such is my happily Shiny Wife. She played it whilst we were driving in the country - telling me of her experiences of travelling all over Italy by road.

Here's Donna Darkwolf the Roman Lady at the Roman Baths - thermae in the city of Bath - England 2004. After her trip around Italy.
On the reverse of this photo, she writes, cryptically: "The Goddess Sulis Minerva intervened... ; Kali did not object!".

Donna Darkwolf. La Bellezza Senza Rimpianti - The Beauty with No Regrets

An Intriguing Mystery

Donna lived as a force of nature. Sometimes a boundless spirit - full of adventure and mischief.
At other times she was distant and deep in meditation. Some might have thought her aloof.
Being aloof is a pretense some people assume.
There is no pretense in the Donna Darkwolf. She has neither Time not need for shallow games - as in:
"Play? Games?? I Don't Play GAMES!"

She is just busy pursuing her own mission.
That she sweeps so many along with her, is the wonder of the contagious energy of her unbounded Spirit.

The Author at Work

Every word. Every comma. Every full stop. Crafted.

Compelling Beauty of La Donna

No half-measures with the Donna Ragazza...

Donna's Photo Album

I created an album for all my photos of my Donna.
"The Season of The Witch".
She wanted to know why this, if I had all of this on my hard drive.
"For Insurance - if my drive crashes or a CD fails".

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