We Wolves, Together - by Donna Darkwolf

Donna Darkwolf wrote ME:
File Date: 03/06/2017 12:59AM

"I live for your love of me
You are a soldier who will respond by trained reflex
Rush in and take control.

Unmindful of the risk
Or, even his own life

Even Angels do not walk there
Only a soldier will do that
Or a first responder - rushing into harms way
while everyone else is fleeing danger

I never look at you my franco.
I always watch you.
You Know this of me.
I always watch . . . I never just look
I have to marvel at your effortless grace

Like watching a black panther move amongst the glade
Barely visible - but moving

I am happy I am your wife
And you are husband of mine.

I know I can have no other love after you
I lay here in your hot embrace
Safe and secure
knowing that truth . . .
knowing I have you in my life

"First Step" Composed and performed by Peter J. Malmsjö
Donna Darkwolf . . . My Naked Piano Player.

You can play your Heart Out.
She sits and plays out a riddle.

"What will you do? What will you be?"

We Are Two Wolves Together

"We are two wolves gnawing at the same bone.

and I can go to sleep, Safely
Wrapped in the embrace of my beautiful soldier
who loves me dearly as I love him.
Two wolves snuggled down.
but one alert".

"The Alert Pilot"
i luv it, my franco

Your Bella Strega Donna


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