Donna Darkwolf - The Spirit of Spring dreaming of her Soldier

“My own Composition” The Witch of Spring Dreams . . . And Awaits Her Winter Soldier. by Franco. Listen to THE ENDING. Featuring, in order, pieces from: "Tempestus"  composed by Paul Mottram, "Shape of Lies"  performed by Eternal Eclipse Orchestra, composed by Thomas-Adam Habuda - First Violin-Zsolt-Tihamér Visontay,
"He Was My Soldier"  composed by Piotr Wójtowicz for Epic Music World and ending with Ghenwa Nemnom  - Live at Baalbeck Music Festival 2021.

Donna Darkwolf - The Spirit of Spring dreaming of her Soldier.
A card I created for Donna

Tell Her I Was Not Scared - My “post-mortem letter” to Donna Darkwolf

Written for Donna in the event - that I should have Passed before her:

Mia Donna - My Only Love and Beautiful Friend

The Past is a Foreign Country.
I strode through this blinding hail of illusion and delusion
Snow White and Sudden Death
Disbelief in myself and
Imagining the possibility of failing right at the point
Where I must muster all my strength.

Gather my Resolve -
All an Angel can do . . .
Fly on . . .
A Hail Mary pass . . .
No stopping it.
We cannot catch everything.
Try as we might.

But we Angels must prevail at any cost. Yes?

My Pretty Wife
You believed in your “Winter Soldier” - finding Spring.
Your belief in me made me go On.
To Move Forward!
Well, I have done that.

I broke through all the cold and despair.
Left the darkness behind
I Found the Light.
The days are sunnier now.

My Life is my Message

I am warmer.
The Winter Soldier has reached Home
Safe in my Loves Heart.
Wrapped in your warm embrace
Once more with You, beside my Beloved Darkwolf. . .
Dancing you on the beach
In the waves – as the Foam rushes in. . .
My journey is not over.

And, my Donna - though my Soul may have been split at the seams
It is now mended for this New Journey.
My Story starts Now!

Our Summers never end
We shall meet and live and love again in Our Destined Summer
I will see you in Again
For death is not the end.
Just another beginning
In the ritual of our yearning hearts
Our light can never fade

We are forged from far sterner material than mere flesh

I was not scared. My Love.

I was just a Soldier doing his job.
Trying to be the hero I am supposed to be

I have, at last, found my way back to you.
Found my way back to your Rose Garden
Where I can make us a Sunday picnic breakfast
While we waltz on our lawn

Swirling. Stepping. And Turning
With consummate Grace

Sure of our steps
Across an uncertain Universe
Yet never losing sight of each other eyes

XXXXXXX - 7 Kisses - Mi Bonita Corazón Espinosa
My Pretty Spiny Heart

I am your Franco. Always.

I Live Inside the Heart of a Soldier

It is wide, empty and bright! Like a cathedral.

And I know no fear.
There is No telling what I will be rolling up on. But I am Ready.

For that which you have done for your Love of me,
And for us – My Donna Strega Bellissima
I am eternally grateful.
My Shiny Wife! I am back in the battle.

I am your Soldier - I have no choice.
Once you get Here – This Is what it IS.

We were not born like this.
We were MADE INTO this . . . Forged in fire and shaped
You cannot ‘un-make’ a Sword

The edge of the blade.
The point of the Sword.
Lasts forever. . .

I am your Soldier
I know you were there for me, then
I know you are here for me, now.
I am YOUR Soldier. Always.

This . . . Is my Battle Hymn
Take my hand – and let us walk here in the Sun . . .
One more time to your Dance

Listen. . .

The Breath of Angels . . . Everywhere. For One Thousand Yards.

YET - See what I am become.

Mia Donna Strega
Your Soldier walks beside you again.
With the sun on our backs.

“I come to you as a child -
Who lost the details of life in empty spaces
I come to you – tired from all my sins and long life burdens
Take me back to my childhood
And redraw an era that I have lost . . .”

من فقد تفاصيل الحياة في المساحات الفارغة"
لقد جئت إليكم - تعبت من كل ذنوبي وأعباء عمري طويل
أعدني إلى طفولتي
وأعيد رسم حقبة فقدتها . . .

“Laqad jit alyk I’ilyakum katifil
Min faqad tafasil alhaya’at fi almisahat alfariqha
Laqad jit i'ilaykum - Taeibt min kuli dhunubi’in wa'aeba' eumri’in tawil
'aeidni i'ilaa tufulati
Wa'ueid rasm hiqbat faqadatha . . . “

Recital by Ghenwa Nemnom - Live at Baalbeck Music Festival 2021
At the Temple of Niha Beka’a
Composed and arranged by Ghenwa Nemnom, Michel Fadel & Fadi Abl Hashem
Words from a poem by Moheddiene Al Jaby.
Director: Samer Dadanian

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