Donna Darkwolf Dancing on the Beach.

"Elegance by The Ocean" by Unknown. An arrangement we would have playing during one of our candle-lit dinners.

My Bella Strega - Donna Darkwolf Dancing on the Beach. Free and Graceful.

Foam on The Sea. Donna Darkwolf's Last Words - Part 3

The greatest hero in the narrative of the longest, most difficult, and perhaps the most exhilarating chapter of my life would be my Flight Lieutenant Franco.
My personal "Minion".
An unassuming man with the most extraordinary capacity for love, kindness, compassion and ability to forgive. In addition, the bravest heart with extreme mental courage. A true soldier. My own Soldier.
Nothing more, nothing less.

His job was to bring back the soldiers on his helicopter. Dead or alive. They all went home together.
The soldiers listened for the sound of the choppers blades, and the sound could be heard...
"the Breath of Angels... Everywhere... for 1000 Yards".
These Angels would fetch them in the morning.

The night was too dark and dangerous.

A picture Donna had hanging up in her office

Airmobil3 - No Flight In Vain. "Live in the Air. Die by Fire"
It was the one image I could find on the internet, to show Donna what "my office in the sky", looked like.
We never had many combat photographers back then, in Rhodesia. She loved it so much, she framed it.
Moreno Franco

No angels will fetch me in the morning. They do not have a mandate to disturb the equilibrium of the seashore and the foam upon it.
I DO however, have One beautiful Soldier. My own to Trust, to complete this Circle.
My own Franco will Fetch Me in the Morning. My own Angel by any regard. Pure - Trustworthy.

I can hear the Breath of Angels!... Everywhere. For One Thousand Yards...

Fortune has smiled upon me.
I have my own Soldier to protect and hold me.
A battle-scarred Soldier. A single, lone Soldier".
"He answers to me... And me alone. The only one now, who fulfils our destiny".
Who could imagine the romance of The Witch and The Soldier?
My Franco achieves, in a heart-beat, that which no other men in my life were ever able.
"A take charge kind of guy!"
"I'm The One you did not count on", is his reply to some people sometimes.

SURPRISE! Like a rock in the road, in the dark...
Generally. Not the "surprise" any one wishes for.
Hence: "surprise"

I have my own dearest Soldier... and my darling personal, private Minion
to keep this production rolling.
He knows what I am about. He is my ground support, flight mission director and event recovery team - all rolled into one. A one-man crusade.
My own soldier, who loves me. And as he says: "Dead, or alive, we all come home together".
He will see me safely off.
And he will fetch me home to the sea, where I have always lived.

I know I will not un-honored rest
The symbol of Time shall not reap
My still heart from my torn breast
While the myriad millions sleep
For I have my Soldier
Who will my Own Heart Keep

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In the spirit of my Donna Darkwolf "EDITING" greeting cards, to suit her own purpose. Just cross out stuff and insert her own INTENT. HOW MARVELOUS!

Donna Darkwolf Voyages into The Undiscovered Country

If I stop to think about my life, (which is now irritating me I must say) would I have done things differently? Could and should I have? Have I failed myself? My parents? Made different choices? Made more of a difference? I do not know. It does not matter.

I learned a long time ago that what I had was enough. That I am/was enough. That realization has made me understand how extraordinarily privileged I have always been, and I am now using the advantages that come with those privileges to exercise my choice.

I am not sure about this ‘regret’ business. However, if I am obliged to have one it is that I did not learn to waltz - until late in life.
Except in my kitchen with my franco coaching me, while he makes us dinner.
my beautiful soldier is my personal chef and my in-house dance teacher.

I am unspeakably grateful to organisations and thousands of likeminded educated, capable, sane, rational, responsible, reasonable people, and most importantly compassionate people that understand and appreciate our individual need for self-deliverance, thereby empowering us by respecting our right to die at a time and place of our own choosing, with dignity.

I have never been so humbled in my life. No one can really appreciate his or her role and bravery. Unless you live the story, no one else can tell it for you. Any attempt at this gets lost in translation.

Now I am going to go to sleep. My mind has not been able to rest for many many years, and it has disturbed my soul, which is actually a quiet and peaceful one.
Despite my best efforts to meditate, medicate, de-tox, rehab, chant, dance, mantras, tantra, find the holy grail in supposed ‘spiritual countries’, diet, fast, exercise, count the blades of grass in my garden or the grains of sand on the beach, and so much more, in a ‘one size fits all’ campaign for self-enlightenment and spiritual relief, I have reached nirvana and satori on my own.

Without all of that. I think this is how it is supposed to be – on our own. Never mind how you get there.

I have diarised so many moments of laughter – each of you have made me laugh so much in my lifetime here and I have made you laugh and we have all laughed together. If I were able to (as has been the case in a few rare cases of self-deliverance) I would have a party.

In addition, you would be the guest of honour. Therefore, I am determined to die laughing.
If I do not I will certainly cry. And my tears will keep me earth bound.

Should my laughter memory box get stuck I have plenty of backup with Gru’s minions, all things Tyler Perry ‘Medea’, and Vetkoekpaleis. I believe in my whole heart that wherever I might be might assigned to I will find someone that thinks Vetkoekpaleis is as funny as I do.

So please do not keep me earth-bound by your tears.
Death only has meaning for those left behind.
Sadness merely requires the luxury of memory.
Remembrance requires Sheer Will.

Donnas Little Mermaid

I Am Simply a Mermaid Who Turns Into Foam.

I live in the Ocean and I arrive on the shore with every wave.
My ashes will be scattered by my companion soldier, from a HUEY helicopter gunship over Blouberg Sea where I will join my dad and my best friends and loyal companions (Borg and Gremory), as foam.

And so the seasons have come and gone - Summer has been seduced by Autumn, (I have always been suspicious of that young Autumn boy), and the Winter sun has ascended. Soon the Moon will rise and cast her cold sheltering shadow over all of us. Dawn will quickly follow and the world will appear the same. It is as if I never existed. I never did. Foam on the seashore.
That was the destiny I understood when I was four years old.

Now there is a great peace upon me and in my home, a great sense of achievement, deliverance, fulfilment, realization, release and relief - eternity has entered my time.
I am very grateful I did live – here. And that I met you.

Bye, bye my lovelies. My greatest wish/hope for you all is that you die well.

Donna Deneil Vos

Russel James Vos

Valerie Isabella Vos.

My Flight Lieutenant, and faithful Minion. My wonderful Franco,
my Beautiful Soldier, who will Fetch me in the Morning.

Roma Victor!

The Donna Darkwolf. Resolved. Resolute. Determined - Winter Solstice, June 2016

Would you please lift your head in a great life-affirming hymn - sing and dance with me, to ‘Do You Love Me’ – (the ‘dirty dancing’ version).

Franco's Note: Seriously? You gotta hand it to my shiny wife. 8200 words and then Dirty Dancing???

Aaahhh!! Donna Ragazza Mia.... Even while you are punching out, there's gotta be one last comment in Mirthful Glee...

Readers, I intentionally have left it up to you to cut 'paste the link into another browser window, so that you are not led of the reservation.

SEE: Donna Darkwolfs dust-off by Huey gunship over Blouberg Beach

By coincidence the Pilot is a friend of mine from way back in Zim. When I was Flight Lieutenant in the Army Airmobil group, he was a Captain in the Rhodesian Air Force SEVEN Squadron.

Another of these serendipitous coincidences surrounding Donna's dust-off.
You'll discover...

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