Donna Darkwolf - She's Like a Rainbow

Song for Donna Darkwolf: "There was A Girl" with intro by The Rolling Stones: "She's a Rainbow".
I had had this song playing - and we were singing along to it as we drove to breakfast.

I am following Donna from the beach at Blouberg. She wants breakfast at her favorite "Ons Huisie" Restaurant. As we cross the parking lot -
I NEVER NOTICE the registration number of the vehicle parked next to WOLF. (Until months later - when I am building this website).
And only then - recollect Donna's remark about it over breakfast.

But Donna's
I think this is where the "777 Saga" began > . . .

There Was A Girl - Donna Darkwolf. She Comes in Colors Everywhere - She's Like A Rainbow

She comes in colours everywhere
She combs her hair
She's like a rainbow
Coming, colours in the air
Oh, everywhere
She comes in colours -

There was a Girl
A very strange enchanting girl
She'd wandered very wide and far
Between the Sea and Stars

A little shy
Yet bold of eye
And very wise was she

And when one day
By her Magick, she passed my way
And as we spoken of many things
Her Sorceress spell drew me in
I learned her Spirit was as old as Time
And her heart - burned an ageless Fire

Destiny had walked into my life
And she loved me

Birthday Breakfast with The Darkwolf - and Fate Dials Incorrectly

The Tripple Seven Saga had begun without my even noticing it

Donna had remarked: "It is almost a Tripple Seven"
Only months later, her Cremation Certificate would be numbered "77 SIX 7".
She would depart for the Undiscovered Country just four months after this photo was taken - on 7 07 2017.

It was while I was compiling this website that I realized that her congratulation card to me a year earlier was dated 7 07 2017

After Donna's departure I realized that she had been dropping subtle hints all along. As all the chapters in this 777 Topic now attest.

The Sorceress had a plan.
Her Exit Date was prescribed by her to coincide with certain stars, at a set hour.
SEVEN days since the New Moon. Two days before the Full Moon.
With Cape Town's sunrise in July being at about 07:45 and Sirius rising about 3 hours after the Sun - Donna would have exited at about 04:00am when Sirius was still below the Horizon.

So that she could be sure that she would pass on as, or just before Sirius rose.

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Fate Dials Incorrectly