Donna Darkwolf on our Seventh Anniversary

Donna's Wedding Bossa Nova - that we danced to in 2008. Now, 1-11-2014, Our Seventh Anniversary breakfast in the country.
Donna and Pink Camellias. Some where in the Cape Winelands.

I Included this story in the "777" Topic  because . . . well - you'll see.
I am stranded here - trasfixed by the gaze of My Immortal Blue-Eyed Girl.

Donna Darkwolf on Our Sunny November Sunday Seventh Wedding Anniversary

We made it this far. Seven Years.
My Shiny Wife tells me: "I'm mad about you. MWah!"
She drives me crazy. I drive her mad.
Donna booked us in to the the very last Orchard Cottage at the end of the row.
Number SEVEN!?  on the Boschendal Wine Estate for the week-end.
"As far away as we can get from other visitors!"  - Donna victoriously proclaims.

We had breakfast on the restaurant patio. After a lazy morning, we are now driving the WOLF back to our cottage, taking our picnic basket with us.
We are not going to sit with the hoi-polloi on the lawns.

We will have our "lazy lunch" at a small dam near our cottage. And crank up the music in WOLF, "so that we can dance - if we want",  my Shiny Wife tells me.

Dressed in her Oriental-style robe, Donna Darkwolf once again blew away the other guests at breakfast.
As we were passing the wall of Camelias, I noticed that the pink of the flowers complimented her robe, and I had Donna pause for me. . .
Click! The inevitable photo-op.

As we dance to our Wedding Bossa Nova wafting out from The WOLF, I am reminded of the words from "My Love" by Florence + the Machine.
Our feet dont touch the ground -

"I was always able to write my way out
Song always made sense to me ///

So tell me where to put my love
Do I wait for time to do what it does?
I don't know where to put my love"

Writers: Florence Welch / Dave Bayley

Stranger Than I Could Ever Have Imagined

That night I sent this to Donna to find when she awoke next morning
to:  Donna
date:  Nov 02, 2014, 10:12 PM
subject:  Stranger Than I Could Ever Have Imagined

Bella Strega Mia

And when Love came, it was stranger than I could ever have imagined
No cracking open of heaven -

Just the gentle, sublime grace of a song drifting
On a breeze
That one hears once
And once heard, can never forget

Thank you my Only Love for all your Magick
Of these years
You make my heart dance, Donna Darkwolf
I am so happy to be the one that you chose to dance with
So happy that you are waiting for me in our bed
Happy that I awaken beside my Beautiful Witch - Mio Bella Strega

See you for dinner
Send me the menu, Donna Mia, and dress nice for the Chef!

Il Tuo Capitano di Cucina

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Donna replied to me: "i will be wearing my indian caftan, so -"
I replied to Donna with this hastily montaged image (wants me to make a Curry).
"i also want three chocolates. x", was her reply.