Donna Darkwolf. Ma Belle Dame Sans Regrets

"L'Italiano". 'The Italian'. Lasciatemi Cantare - Let Me Sing. 'Toto Cutugno' cover by La Shanna.
Donna Darkwolf. My Beautiful Shiny Wife - La Belle Dame Sans Regrets

And So The Mission of Donna Darkwolf's Se7ens Begins Yet Again

If you were/are skeptical about any of this - THIS is going to be the shell that holes your ship below the water-line. Quick! Get a Life Jacket...
Or a scotch! Whatever works best for you!

All these images have Date / Time stamps.

When I returned to Cape Town I visited Donna's memorial bench and the Kalk Bay harbour light beacon to scatter the sands of Egypt at both locations on Donna's Dust-off.
It the light beacon I was dismayed to discover that her memorial plaque had bee stolen.
So now I had to go and get another one fabricated - And what do you know?
The whole 777 Manifestation continued.

Divine Intervention . . . Coincidence . . . Serendepity. The power of the number "Seven" continues.
As this continues to happen I have decided that - it is Donna's SOLE PURPOSEto keep "reminding" me, as she always
i.e. "Have you got your phone?". If I was leaving the house. And if I did not - there was Hell to Pay.
Any way . . . Click images to Enlarge . . .

Going to the Steel Fabricators

2019-02-15 at 11:29:58
Oh! 776_  The Donna Strega is about . . .

Leaving the Steel Fabricators

2019-02-15 at 11:43:42
Almost! 77_7  The Donna Strega over-shot with all the SEVENS. But Hell Yeah! She! Is! Good!

Delivering Steel for Laser Etching

2019-02-21 at 09:47:22
Almost! Again! 77_  BUT! there ARE three SEVENS.

Collecting from Laser Etching

2019-02-22 at 03:37:10
HAH! 7_7_6_7!  Donna Darkwolf is having fun!

Off to Sunday Morning Ceremony

2019-02-24 at 09:28:57
Well it HAS GOT three Sevens!  My Bella Donna Strega is sure awake early for a Sunday.
But then, it is her Birthday!
If you don't Believe me...
You'll come around. Trust Me

Secured For Ever - My Love

2019-02-24 at 10:18:01
This time... Resined on. Drilled in. Fastened with 60mm, stainless steel, 'no-reverse-turn' screws.
You need a mallet, a coal chisel and about ten minutes of sweat - to get this off!
Happy Birthday! Donna Ragazza Mia!

Leaving Brass Bell Parking

2019-02-24 at 10:40:33
Nice Try! 7_7_ _!  Donna Darkwolf is Persistent!

Leaving Kalk Bay

2019-02-24 at 11:02:15
Well it HAS GOT three Sevens! AND 77_! 
Mia Bella Strega is going to follow me all day?

Brunch @ Donna's Bench

2019-02-24 at 12:26:31
77_7!? Almost! Donna!

I have jus had myself a scotch on Donna's bench from one of her Witchy Champagne Glasses. BRUNCH!
As I leave Donna's Bench... BINGO!

WOLF & I Leaving Blouberg

Let us just Relax. Nice music. A racing drive and just a
Good Old 888...

Passing Thru' Century City

2019-02-24 at 13:01:22
Not for Long! A Triple 7 AND a Double 7 together!? 
What is she Playing AT?

Finally Getting Home

2019-02-24 at 13:11:14
WHY 777!? C'mon! Donna! Give me A Break...

I keep risking WOLF - to collect this EVIDENCE!

Donna Darkwolf is Not Done Yet...

2019-02-24 at 13:13:52
Let's Try FOUR Seven's Shall We!  Finally the WOLF is parked - and Donna just HAS TO HAVE One More Go!
Oh the Magick of it ALL! What a DAY!

Visit Donna 27 April 2019

This interesting! Went out to Kalk Bay for lunch, and to visit the green light beacon - site of Donna Darkwolf's dust-off - and here is her Cremation Certificate 7767, in the parking area, FACING the green light beacon.

Visit Donna 28 April 2019

Sunday morning breakfast at Blouberg beach, and a vist to Donna's memorial bench.
Sit out here, admire the view that Donna so loved, and have a scotch with My Lady from one of her Witchy Champagne Glasses. And then, as I prepare to leave... This! Donna is AWAKE!

This String of Se7ens Below is Just ANOTHER Example of what happens on days I visit Donna

Well let's see how you take this... All the photos you are going to see, have the original Time Stamp.
ie: 20180923_111436 - meaning 23 September 2018 at 11:14 and 36 seconds

Visit Donna 28 April 2019

Not satisfied with manipulating registration plates in the parking lot, Donna now shows up on WOLF's Odometer.
As I leave the parking lot, I check to see the time.
Instead of 'Clock', I have 'Trip'.
And a string of Se7en's.  The girl is sure determined.

1 November Anniversary

Morning breakfast at Blouberg beach, and a vist to Donna's memorial bench.
And this vehicle pulls in almost in front of my table. Almost 7767!

Even Better - After Breakfast

Driving home - and THERE is 7767! And 17 at the front?
17 July was the last time I kissed Donna farewell, just before her cremation, for which I received the 7767 Certificate for.

"Well, What Do You Know?"

WOLF's "birthday" was 7  November 2007.
And now, 12 years later, to the DAY! I get him a speeding fine at Seven Minutes past Seven.
Oh... The sublime Irony: ANOTHER three 7's.
"You're speeding!" Donna's admonishent as ususal!

Donna's Birthday - 24-02-2021

09:20. As I am leaving my apartment to go to the Lord Milner Hotel in Matjiesfontein, where Donna and I used to Honeymoon - Security is busy installing Patrol Touch-Points around the building. And Lucky Seven!
Right outside my door.

Looks like Donna is travelling with me today. "Yay!"

The History of Se7en - I Think...

A card my dear Shiny Wife gave me way back when. I suspect that that was when The Donna Darkwolf made the Spell of Seven.  All her e-mails had Seven Kisses. Her SEVEN has followed us - and now me, across the years.

Day 1000 after Donna's Flight

In her 'Mail from Eternity Part II' letter, that I had to open on 3 April 2020, I was at Kalk Bay having a scotch at Donna's memorial green light beacon.
And of course, Seven Black Birds.

Where 777 Probably Began

1994. I had a Nissan GXEi Sport Coupe.
I always regarded Seven as my 'Lucky Number'
Donna was my Seventh Love.
MA - My Initials. FU - That's obvious.
Such is "Creative Licence!"

Serendepity After Se7en Days

Someone had vandalised Donna Darkwolf's memorial plaque at Kalk Bay. Exactly Seven days  after I had ordered an engraved replacement, I was out here effecting the repair - and I met Brian. He was accompanied by an entourage of family, and was busy preparing for a Dust-off of one of the relatives. 09-05-2021.
He told me that all their relatives, about 15 members, had departed from here. See the receipt date.

Serendepity Persists

Having completed the repair of Donna's plaque - as I arrive at the parked WOLF, here is Donna. Persistent.
Almost Donna's 7767  Cremation Certificate.
Nice to know she's following me.

MAX 777 meets WOLF 888

On our way to visit Donna's Bench

WOLF in a Row of Multiple 7's

As I am getting ready to leave, I get up from Donna's bench, and I am greeted by this sight.
WOLF is parked directly behind Donna's because I got here early. The white Merc has just arrived. Well, OK!

As We Are Getting Into Traffic

776 from Donna's cremation certificate "7767".
Donna is really having a field day - isn't she?

Not 777 - But a Coincidence

Today is our June Solstice "honeymoon" anniversary.
I am leaving the city for Matjiesfontein,  to go stay at the Lord Milner Hotel, and guess what?
A guy on a bike in front of me . . . She's watching me.

In The Saga of Se7en - it Had To Be. Donna's Bench is Number 7

Go and See Donna's Bench on Blouberg Beach

Interesting Side-Note: Bench Number 6 was installed commenorating someone who passed away on 20 06 2017 - just 17 days prior to Donna's own departure.
So, amazingly - IF that bench had NOT been installed - Donna's bench could have been Number 6.

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