Donna Darkwolf Joyful whimsy

Donna Darkwolf's Little Blue Friend

Mission: Selfless, Tranquil Joy

With both of her dogs, Borg and Gremory having passed on, and knowing that she did not have much time left in this world, she did not want to have the heart-break of leaving any new pet she might get to keep her company.

So she got her Little Blue Friend to keep her company. "My Little Blue Friend" was with her to the very end, clutched in her embrace.
"My Little Blue Friend" travels with her now, in the Undiscovered Country.
While I was taking this picture with Donna in her matching blue coat, I had to wonder what she was thinking as she posed for me, but I never thought to ask her.
I guess I will always have a sense of wonder about Donna. We had so many silent moments together.
Sometimes she enjoyed "communing", rather than conversing: "Let us enjoy the peace and tranquility Together".

I had to wonder if Donna Darkwolf might be the only Wiccan Arch Priestess on the Planet to have toy as a companion.
Indeed the only Pagan Priestess in South Africa, I will bet.

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