“Unstoppable” Opening Bars by E.S.Posthumous [You'll Hear the full version just now]

Celebrate Pagan Arch-Priestess - Donna Darkwolf Vos.
- 24 02 1962   >  07 07 2017 -

A Battle Hymn for the Brave

There is no lament for The Fallen Warrior.
Only a desire to be as Wise and Bold of Spirit

No Living Thing can Seek the Light for Ever. Not Find It. And Not Be Changed.

Donna Darkwolf found The Light. And where she did not find it – she made it.
And Changed It. BY Sheer FORCE OF HER WILL.

Bringing Light into the many lives, minds and hearts of those she touched

William Jennings Bryan said:
Destiny is not a matter of chance... It is a matter of choice.

Memories are designed to fade... Many things fade from memory.

The one lasting element that never fades ? is greatness.
That Monument of the Mind. And your only shot at immortality.

That those that follow, Remember!

There is no sadness in the death of a warrior.

Donna Darkwolf enriched the spiritual life of all those that came into contact with her. All those she taught...

(And all those who bore the brunt of her occasional fury).

There is no lament for the fallen warrior because the warrior knows the end for what it will be.

Truth! Either way.

You pick up your spear, and your shield and get into the battle. And you either return victorious, or upon your shield.
What else is there?

When one proceeds into the battle, there is only one motto:

You WILL DO! or You will DIE Trying! In Battle!

That is all! GET ON THE "Ready Line!".... 'Ts Time to Shine!

And Donna Darkwolf shines... Steps into harms way. Unstoppable - Against the dark.

One day, my shiny wife, The Donna Darkwolf, picked up her spear and her shield, and set out on her epic journey, across the Undiscovered Country.
THIS is her epic journey to Freedom!

UN-STOPPABLE - My Only Love and Beautiful Friend


"Anything, everything, little or big - becomes an adventure when you are sharing it with the right person".

I Love Dining Out by the Sea

And sometimes in the country. Only occasionally in the city, and then it must be beautiful...

Foam on The Sea

My final message as I prepare to make my voyage into the vast Undiscovered Country

Some Thoughts

Things to consider when you imagine that you may be floundering. And you are not...

Romantic Evening Dinners

If you dine out, find places that are comfortable, and that make you feel at home...

My Adventure Map

I finally took the leap, to go and explore the world of Me, haven't travelled this much in so long...

"Remember Me...

- and smile. It is better to forget, than to remember me and cry..."

Read: South African Pagans remember Donna Darkwolf on "The Wild Hunt" - Pagan News & Commentary website. Written by Damon Leff, it is based on his interviews with several of Donna's friends, colleagues and associates. It provides a rare glimpse into the way Donna touched the lives of so many people.

About Donna Darkwolf Vos

Donna Darkwolf Vos – published author (books), papers & magazine and journal articles, keynote speaker and participant at many conferences in USA, UK and South Africa.
As a Wiccan Arch-Priestess and founder of the Circle of the African Moon, she was a Pioneer, media personality, teacher, lecturer and counsellor.